A Leo Moon arrives in the skies to celebrate the last day of April. Astrologers consider this an auspicious moment for your horoscope.

This is because the month of May should usher in a significant change.

As a result, now is the time to toast your steadfastness and patience.

However, not all is peaceful, due to the influence of the Moon.

There is a first-quarter Moon tonight, meaning both the Moon and Sun Square and a crisis could be on the horizon.


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The Leo Moon never lets a milestone or achievement go uncelebrated.

And you may feel like doing something special today, as the Moon enters that royal star sign.

But be warned Mercury is about to Conjunct Uranus, so some surprises may be in store this Thursday.

The last day of April brings many decisions in its wake.

The Leo Moon hits the first quarter and this is a moment of reckoning.

A full spring month – much of it spent indoors – is almost over.

Now is the ideal opportunity to revisit the situation and make some decisions.

Leo and Taurus are considered by astrology experts to be fixed, enduring and steadfast signs.


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Unfortunately, Thursday’s Square is sure to test your patience.

As the Moon clashes with Saturn and Uranus, you may be torn between obeying rules and doing what you like.

With Mercury also in the mix, you can anticipate the arrival of some heated exchanges.

Chiron is nearby to offer some healing, but you cannot tell whether this will involve some pain.

What is certain is you are ready to move out of your comfort zone.

Mercury and Uranus are heading for a Conjunction later in the evening.

Expect some exciting insights, surprising news or even inspired solutions.

There is some ground-breaking cosmic information to download for those who know where to look.

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