The season finale of ‘Dave’ airs April 29 and HL spoke with Taylor Misiak about whether or not she thinks Ally and Dave can recapture the magic, meeting Kourtney Kardashian, and more.

Dave fans, we need to talk about that penultimate episode. Ally and Dave’s relationship hit a major roadblock — and I’m not just talking about that bunny. Their major issues came to light in Ally’s wedding speech to her sister. At the end of episode, Dave was seen driving alone. So, what’s going on with Ally and Dave? HollywoodLife got EXCLUSIVE scoop from Taylor Misiak. “We find out more about what’s going on with him in the finale,” Taylor said. “I think one of the special things about the show is how every episode has been so singularly its own story and told in its own way. So the finale I can tell you is a very different and really spectacular episode that isn’t completely linearly connected to 9 in the same way that 1 through 8 weren’t very linear and leading up to one another. But we do get some more answers and we get a little bit more clarity. There’s a lot more to be told about his identity with his music and being Lil Dicky and how that’s affecting his life in more ways than just Ally.” She also teased that we will “see more about his music career in something we haven’t seen before, something we haven’t seen him do yet that is about him as a rapper we finally get to see in 10. It is insane.”

Ally’s toast in episode 9 was straight from the heart. Kudos to Taylor for her incredible performance. While looking right at Dave, Ally talked about how her sister will put just as much effort into her relationship as she does into her career. Ally said she didn’t realize until this weekend “how much that mattered” to her. She was speaking directly to Dave in this toast about preserving the magic of a relationship. HollywoodLife asked Taylor whether or not she thinks Ally and Dave could recapture the magic they once had.

“My short answer is yes,” Taylor said. “I think that a lot of people are connecting to this episode because there is this relatability about when a relationship — no matter how much love there is — comes to a crossroads in terms of just how you both individually are leading your lives. There’s something so sad about when you need more than just love. I think we’re seeing a little bit of that in 9 where it’s so evident that Ally and Dave love each other and have such chemistry and understanding and compatibility, but in terms of the momentum of their lives, the direction of their lives and their priorities, they’re incredibly different. They’re at such a big crossroads. But to answer your question, I do think that there is hope because I think they have a very substantial and very real love and respect for each other. There is so much fun and so much romance in their relationship. I also think that there are so many things fundamentally about their paths as people that are creating these obstacles that we got to see in this little pressure cooker of this wedding weekend. A weekend like that really showcases those issues, but I think a lot of us find that really relatable in a kind of sad way.”

The episode had an eerie similarity to Lil Dicky’s song and music video “Molly.” Is Ally the Molly on Dave? Not so fast. “Of course I think people are going to draw from that song and it is part of Dave’s work,” Taylor continued. “This show is semi-autobiographical, but I think also people are kind of getting hung up on the fact that a wedding is used as a device in both that music video and this episode. In this show, Dave’s trying to tell the truth about his life but in the most heightened, entertaining, fun, and special way. I think you would have to ask Dave about all of the exact similarities because it’s not my experience with his ex-girlfriend or with that song, but I do think that the general themes are the same. This is somebody who, like most ambitious people, has had issues with communicating with their partner in that way and changing your priorities and having those problems, so I could see why fans are being like… It’s the same thing. I think big picture there are so many similarities, but the nuances of both stories are so different. I think Ally is an incredibly different character.”

In an earlier episode, Taylor got the chance to meet Kourtney Kardashian, who was one of many Dave guest stars. For a reality junkie like Taylor, meeting the KUWTK star was an epic fangirl moment. “It was insane,” Taylor told HollywoodLife. “This is also such a Los Angeles thing even beyond a professional actor thing. I think people in LA try to play it cool very often because celebrities are everywhere and everybody wants to pretend like it’s not crazy. I’m always the person that’s like… Are you serious? I try not to make anybody feel uncomfortable. I never try to overstep any boundaries or anything, but I was very giddy when I found out I was going to get to meet her. She was so kind. I think I was normal. Who knows? She was very happy to be there and such a good sport.” The Dave season finale will air at 10 p.m. on FXX and the next day on FX on Hulu.

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