WhatsApp always has something new or improved up its sleeve, such as switching up how voice notes work.

One of the brand new features on the Facebook-owned app, which is currently under testing, is the animated heart emojis that will make those heartfelt messages a tad more exciting.

You may already know that when you send a single red heart emoji on WhatsApp, it starts beating. Now, according to WABetainfo, the animated feature might be added to all the other hearts – orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, and white – as well.

There are several new WhatsApp features in the pipeline, but in the meantime, this emoji upgrade is sure to make all the difference to your messages.

What is the animated heart emoji feature?

WABetainfo shared a post about the "small visual addition" coming to WhatsApp heart emojis of all colours.

The post explained: "As you know, when you send a red heart emoji, it is shown through an animation, but it is only visible when sending that specific red heart. The new change will introduce the same animation for all other heart emojis."

The update is still under development, which means it’s not available for public beta testers on iOS and Android devices, but it's likely that the messaging platform will soon release the feature for beta testing soon.

What are the other new features coming to WhatsApp?

While the animated heart emoji might be one small addition to your messaging experience, there's another exciting feature that the team at WhatsApp is currently working on.

You may soon have the ability to react to messages, without needing to type every time.

Last month, WABetaInfo noted that users will be able to use emojis to "react to a specific message once." For now, the reactions will be limited to six emojis and include reactions like “Like,” “Love,” “Laugh,” “Suprised,” “Sad,” and “Thanks.”

It's also unclear whether WhatsApp will make any emoji available as a reaction, as Meta does with Instagram, or if it’s going to be more limited in the same way as Twitter reactions.

Some other features in the works include a new voice call interface in the app, designed to be "more compact and modern," especially while placing group calls.

Finally, there will also be a new indicator for end-to-end encryption on the Status, calls, and messages sections within WhatsApp.

A previously revealed feature includes the ability to create stickers for the web edition of the chat app. This is under testing right now, but WhatsApp may allow iOS and Android users to create their own stickers soon.

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