Facebook Messenger is one of the world’s most popular chat platform, with 1.5 billion regular users. Messenger is considered one of the best ways to chat over text, SMS, video, voice, or encrypted messaging, with a ton of fun stickers and ways to enhance your messaging experience.

Missing much-loved messages can be annoying, especially if they are tricky to recover.

Fortunately, Facebook Messenger is now armed with advanced data recovery tools

Users who have recently lost certain chats with their Facebook friends can now get them back.

Best of all, Messenger now features a way to instantly find all lost messages on your Android device and recover them.

How to retrieve deleted messages on Facebook Messenger?

Users with messages archived in their Facebook Messenger app have the opportunity to restore deleted Facebook messages.

Begin by opening Facebook Messenger on a device and navigate to recent conversations.

Next, tap on the search bar to look for the previously archived conversation in question.

Once the conversation is found, simply select it and select Unarchive Message.

Those using the website version, of Facebook Messenger should go to Messages, More, Archived.

How to archive Facebook Messenger messages:

Begin by opening the Facebook Messenger app on your device.

Next, navigate to the Recent Conversation list and select the conversation you wish to archive.

Once selected, long press on the message and select the three horizontal lines menu, followed by the Archive option.

This simple step will instantly put the selected conversation into archives.

Users can at a future date use these archives to recover permanently deleted messages.

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How to recover deleted messages from Facebook settings:

Messenger users also have the option of recovering any Facebook messages accidentally deleted from an account on the desktop.

Start by logging in to your Facebook account on the desktop.

Next, navigate to Settings, then General Account Settings.

Now select Your Facebook Information option from the left panel.

Tap Download Your Information option from the right panel.

Then from here select the Messages option and tap Create file.

Once you click on this button, it will take a little time to complete the process.

But once this process is finished, it will send a notification to help you download the resulting file.

Simply click this notification and tap the Download button next to File you want to download.

Users will then be asked to enter a password to download this file for the sake of security.

Inputting the password will open a new window asking users to save the file on your desktop.

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