Most of us dream about coming out of lockdown with a Victoria’s-Secret-worthy body. A spark of motivation keeps us going at first, but how do you stop this from dwindling as lockdown progresses? chatted to Georgie Spurling, founder of The GS Method to find out how to maintain a successful fitness regime during lockdown.

Georgie is a fitness coach and the founder of online fitness platform, The GS Method.

The GS Method is an immersive online exercise plan, taught by Georgie from your living room.

The website is full of healthy recipes, and a blog of useful hints and tricks.

Georgie said: “Many of us set out with good intentions at the onset of the current climate, but it can be easy to fall into a lull and lose heart when it comes to maintaining a healthy fitness regime, a few weeks in.”

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Georgie’s number one tip to maintain a fitness regime during lockdown is to plan.

She said: “Write a schedule. Pencil in slots in your timetable whereby you diarise your workout at certain times of the day.

“Then, write down how good you felt after it to keep motivation high!”

Choose a program

Georgie recommends finding a program and sticking to it.

She said: “Find a program that suits you. There are so many workouts circulating around online it can be overwhelming.

“Find a structured workout program like the GS method that you can follow.

“It saves time scrolling through YouTube for workouts, which can in itself lessen your enthusiasm.”

Use exercise to regulate stress levels

Now more than ever we need to listen to our bodies, and exercise might be exactly what you need.

Georgie said: “Listen to your stress levels. It’s a stressful time at the moment and if you are having a particularly anxious day opt for exercise that can help support your stress hormones.

“The GS method is designed to work your body super hard whilst keeping your stress levels balanced.

“You’ll get the endorphin rush after it without spiking adrenaline.”

Once you realise the importance of exercise in relation to your mental health, you won’t want to give up.

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Optional not mandatory

Exercise needs to become something you want to do, rather than forcing yourself into it.

Georgie said: “Think of working out as YOU time, not as something you have to do.

“Find exercise you enjoy and set aside time for YOU to switch off from work, news apps and the world. This way you’re more likely to stick to a routine.”

You heard her! If you don’t enjoy weight training, find another form of exercise that actually makes you happy while you are doing it.

Get social

If you struggle to workout by yourself, get your friends involved.

You can’t meet up in person, but you can workout over FaceTime.

Georgie said: “Having someone workout with you makes it interactive and helps both motivation and accountability!

“Sign up to the GS method with a friend and I’ll give you both 30 percent off to get you started.”

Little and often

If you can’t carve out an hour of your day to work out, slot in little bursts of activity.

Georgie said: “Get up and walk/squat/lunge every hour for 5 minutes.

“This keeps your circulation/lymphatic system going and also refocuses you.

“It really challenges your muscles and burns the entire body without needing space or equipment.

“It is super effective if you don’t have much time and the videos are immersive. This means I am there to motivate you.

“There is a forum you can access and you can email me at any time so you don’t feel isolated. Even just 10 minutes a day is effective!”

Keep calm

You don’t need to sprint up and down the garden to break a sweat.

Georgie said: “Don’t stress yourself out by doing something that’s high adrenaline.

“The world is highly stressed at the moment so my suggestion is to move in a calmer way.

“This will keeping cortisol levels balanced, but still releases the endorphins to boost your mood. Another tip is to try taking five deep breaths every hour.

“Just stopping to breathe can change the chemicals in the body and calm our nervous systems right down.”

Step outside

Make the most of your daily Government-approved walk and get some fresh air.

Georgie said: “Spend as much time outside as you can to get essential vitamin D in your system.”

If you are lucky enough to have your own garden or a private bit of outdoor space, you could always workout outside too.

She added: “Take a mat and your phone/laptop, get your plan up and follow along with a workout of your choice.

“The fresh air will also make you feel happier!”

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