From British cuisine to international dishes, there are a flurry of fun and interesting questions you can use for your food and drink quiz round. With the nation on lockdown, the UK has become even more obsessed with quizzes. gives you the best food and drink questions for your home pub quiz.


Question 1: Which nuts are used in marzipan?

Question 2: What is the most famous Mexican beer?

Questions 3: Which country is the origin of the cocktail Mojito?

Question 4: What is Japanese sake made from?


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Question 5: Which vitamin is the only one that you will not find in an egg?

Question 6: What is the chemical formula for Table Salt?

Question 7: What does IPA stand for?

Question 8: Which meat is used in Glamorgan sausages?

Question 9: What ingredient is included in food in a Florentine style?

Question 10: Which fish is the main ingredient of Scotch Woodcock?

Questions 11: What is pancetta?

Question 12: What type of wine is Sekt?

Question 13: From which sea-creature is ‘tomalley’ obtained?

Question 14: What are the main ingredients of Brazil’s national cocktail – the caipirinha?

Question 15: What is tofu made from?

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Answer 1: Almonds

Answer 2: Corona

Answer 3: Cuba

Answer 4: Rice

Answer 5: Vitamin C

Answer 6: NaC1

Answer 7: Indian Pale Ale

Answer 8: None, they are made from cheese

Answer 9: Spinach

Answer 10: Anchovy

Answer 11: Bacon

Answer 12: German sparkling white wine

Answer 13: Lobster (soft, green digestive gland of a lobster)

Answer 14: Cachaça, lime, sugar

Answer 15: Bean curd

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