FREE vapes will be available to e-cigarette users later this month under a new reward scheme.

Brits will be able to send off their used sticks in exchange for new ones to help tackle plastic waste.

The plans will initially be rolled out in London, Birmingham and Manchester before launching nationwide in the next six months.

Puffers will be able to direct vapes to a recycling centre through a collection service run by Royal Mail, the i reports.

There will also be the option to hand products in at participating vape shops, it is understood.

Consumers will be given a new, free vape for every 10 they return.


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The project is being run by FEELM, a subsidiary of vaping giant SMOORE, which makes ceramic coils used in several popular brands.

SMOORE spokesperson Ruiqi Wang said: "This is the first industrial whole chain recycling scheme, including manufacturers, brands, delivery companies, waste management companies and retailers and ultimately the consumers.

"The UK is one of the major countries to consume disposable vapes. In the past two years there has been a 340 per cent increase in the number of disposable vapes sold.

"But this comes with challenges for the environment, and so we need to take our responsibility."

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Research shows 1.3million single-use vapes are binned every week – enough to cover 22 football pitches each year.

But all parts of disposable vapes – lithium battery, plastic casing, coil, and other components – are actually recyclable, apart from the residual e-liquid, which must be discarded securely.

Around 4.3million people across England, Scotland and Wales regularly vape, according to the latest stats.

More than half of these are former smokers, while 1.5million are thought to do both.

Last month, a first-of-its-kind scheme was announced to help slash addiction rates.

It was revealed councils in England will offer e-cigarette trades to up to a million people – nearly a fifth of smokers.

Pregnant women will also be paid with shopping vouchers if they ditch the fags.

Health chiefs say vaping and e-cigarettes are significantly safer than tobacco because they don’t produce cancer-causing smoke or tar.

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