A collective of Germany’s film and TV industry crew guilds, led by the German Society of Cinematographers, have outlined the coronavirus safety conditions that they say will need to be met for them to return to work on set.

The Guild says its members should only resume production if “safe conditions” are provided including producers guaranteeing necessary proactive equipment (masks, visors, disinfection liquids) are available, paying for a hygiene specialist to be present, and putting daily testing in place for both actors and crew.

A rep of the Guild told Deadline that by law producers were responsible for the safety of their employees and that, in the current climate, that covered these coronavirus preventative measures. They added that they were yet to receive a response from producers orgs since sending them the conditions last week.

Also backing the terms are the Association of German Actors, the German Association of TV Camera Operators, the German Association of Film Editors, the German Association of Lighting & Grip Department, the German Association of Film Sound Professionals, and the German Stunt Association.

Alongside the guidelines drawn up by the German guilds, there is also the new Work Safety Standard provided by the Federal Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs, and the Basic Safety Rules provided by the European Film Commission Network, to be consulted.

“We want to shoot under safe conditions,” the Guild emphasized in a statement.

The full catalogue of guidelines is available here (in German), below are key requirements that it outlines.

  • The producer guarantees the necessary protective equipment (masks, visors, disinfection liquids).
  • There is a special independent agent for hygiene on set who has to be paid by the producer. The instructions of the agent for hygiene have to be obeyed.
  • The risk assessment has to be carried out properly for any actions and events in the production.
  • Social distancing and the conditions of the locations and transportation are absolutely relevant.
  • At any time in the production process there are only the absolutely essential people at one place or on the same location. Any kind of grouping or working closely to each other is strictly prohibited.
  • No self service in catering and personalized drinking cups, etc…
  • Everyone in film industry has to accept that the time required to produce is increased by the pandemic circumstances – and even more personnel is needed to carry out the work under safe conditions (i.e. cleaning and disinfection staff).
  • Daily testing of the actors/actresses and the crew on set is obligatory and carried out by the production company.
  • Whoever feels sick or shows signs of illness may not go to work but has to visit a doctor or stay at home. Nobody is going to be blamed in any way because of absence caused by reasonable suspicion of having been infected.

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