A schoolgirl came up with a crafty plan to get out of PE.

Myla Smith, six, handed her teacher a handwritten letter that she claimed was from her mum.

The note, which featured spelling errors and childlike handwriting, read: "Sory Myla cant bo PE today she is sic. From Mylas mum".

Sadly for the primary school child, no one was fooled by the letter.

Myla’s mum Siobhan McLelland posted about the amusing blunder on social media.

According to Daily Record, she wrote: "When Myla's teacher comes over and tells me she had to sit out the full of p.e today….. this wean man. At least I was high school before I faked the notes. Looks very realistic hun.”

Siobhan's post gained thousands of likes and hundreds of comments from people who branded the schoolgirl a "genius".

One said: "Would have let her off P.E. just for all the effort she made."

Another said: "This is the best thing I've ever seen. She is something else. A+ for trying though."

And a third joked: "This is 100% legit!!

“I would let her off just coz of her efforts! Well done.”

Others admitted they’d tried to pull similar stunts when they were at school.

A Facebook user laughed: "I tried that but they clicked on straight away after saying I had a broken neck."

So did you ever try and trick a teacher with a fake note? Let us know in the comments below.

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