“You a baby and I don’t want no f—— part of you no more.”

The drama came back in full force on “Growing Up Hip Hop” when Briana went off on Boogie, calling him a “f—— toddler” and claiming he doesn’t deserve respect.

In an exclusive TooFab sneak peek of Thursday’s episode, the tension began when Boogie called up Briana from outside her building to confront her about her drinking, but Briana immediately brought the conversation to level 10, although it is unclear why exactly.

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“You’re upset ’cause I won’t come downstairs while I’m making my food,” Briana relayed to Boogie over the phone. “You’ve never done me a f—— solid. You’re selfish and I don’t want s— to do with you. Grow up!”

After throwing her phone across the kitchen, Briana then explained in a confessional that she doesn’t “owe” Boogie anything and he needs to “seek” a resolution with her.

“You don’t get the same amenities you used to get,” she explained. “The same liberties, the same niceties. I’m not going to treat you like I used to. I’m going to come at you sideways like I would any other bitch-ass — ’cause that’s what you acting like.”

And, wow, did she come at him sideways. Briana hightailed it out of her apartment to get in Boogie’s face, saying, “You a baby and I don’t want no f—— part of you no more.”

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“‘Cause if you can’t vocalize yourself with me when I’m on a good one, then f— off,” she added.

When Boogie said he didn’t know what a “good one” was, Briana’s temper flared even more.

“A good one! A higher vibration, you f—— toddler!” she screamed in the street. “You think you are of the utmost importance and you ain’t never f—— done s—! Your resume does not reflect the respect you think you serve!”

Find out how the fight plays out in the new episode of “Growing Up Hip Hop” on Thursday at 9/8C on WE tv!

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