Chris Evans reveals his wife gave him a blood pressure monitor

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High blood pressure affects more than 14 million adults in the UK, according to the British Heart Foundation, and they reckon five million of those adults don’t even know. If left untreated, blood pressure can cause heart attacks and strokes. A healthy lifestyle is the best way of preventing high blood pressure, but what vegetable can prevent you from developing this deadly condition?

According to Blood Pressure UK, a massive one in three UK adults has high blood pressure.

Unfortunately, there are very few symptoms of high blood pressure, meaning many people don’t realise the danger they’re in.

You may be blissfully unaware your blood pressure is creeping up, but if that blood pressure reading keeps climbing, you are at greater risk of heart disease and strokes.

If you’re at risk of high blood pressure – being overweight, a smoker, or having a family history of heart disease – you should be getting your blood pressure checked at least once a year.

And if you’re over 40, the NHS recommends you have your blood pressure checked by your GP every five years.

Once you’ve had a reading, if the doctor finds you have high blood pressure, they might prescribe you medicine to bring those all-important numbers down.

However, your lifestyle has a huge impact on your blood pressure reading.

Your doctor will probably advise you to make some dietary changes, including trying to lose a few pounds if you’re overweight, to include some blood pressure-friendly foods.

Even if you don’t have high blood pressure, you can slash your risk of developing it later by introducing these foods into your diet.

So, what’s the 50p vegetable you should eat every day to prevent high blood pressure? It’s broccoli!

Costing around 50p a head at most UK supermarkets, this humble vegetable is packed full of goodness.

Broccoli is full of folate, phytoestrogens, vitamin C, calcium, potassium and magnesium; all of which will help keep your blood pressure down.

Studies of almost 200,000 people show eating four servings of broccoli a week significantly lowers your blood pressure, compared to those who only eat one serving a month or less.

Eating your broccoli lightly steamed – so it still has a bit of crunch – or raw is the best way to get all the nutrients from it.

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Try eating broccoli every day – steam it and have alongside dinner, cook it in a curry or even add it to an omelette.

It doesn’t matter how you eat it, it just matters that you do!

If you’re thinking ‘Broccoli? Yuck!’, you’re in luck, as there are many other inexpensive and natural foods that can help lower your blood pressure.

Here are 10 foods you should try to eat every day to get your blood pressure down:

  1. Spinach – high in folate and nitrates
  2. Grapefruit – high in antioxidants and vitamin C
  3. Grapes – full of antioxidants, potassium and magnesium
  4. Beetroot – packed with nitrates
  5. Avocado – a healthy source of fat to reduce cholesterol
  6. Apples – according to a study, people who ate lots of apples reduced their risk of stroke by 41 percent
  7. Nuts – full of vitamins and healthy fats, a great choice of snack
  8. Blueberries – delicious and high in antioxidants
  9. Figs – high in fibre and calcium
  10. Oats – an excellent source of fibre

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