The actor shares the “one brief shining moment” he could have played this superhero.

Holt McCallany has worked with some super directors in his time — including David Fincher, Guillermo del Tori, Clint Eastwood and, on his new film “Wrath of Man,” Guy Ritchie — but he’s never been a super hero.

But it’s not for a lack of trying.

While TooFab caught up with the actor at the junket for “Wrath of Man,” we quickly asked him about another recent interview he did in which he revealed — without elaborating on the part — that he was once up for a Marvel role.

“What was I gonna be in Marvel? Well, I lost the part of Cable to my friend Josh Brolin is Deadpool,” he told us, before asking whether that was a MCU or DCEU film. At the time, neither “Deadpool” or “Deadpool 2” — in which Brolin played the grizzled time traveller — were part of either universe, as 20th Century Fox still had the rights to those Marvel characters.

“That’s the one. I was up for Cable. There was some controversy because if I’m correct, Josh had already played a role in the Marvel universe, Thanos,” he continued. “So, in theory, you can’t be two characters in the same comic book universe, so there was one brief shining moment.”

“I went in and read with Ryan Reynolds, who was very gracious and the director is somebody I had known, David Leitch, since he was Brad Pitt’s stuntman on Fight Club, that’s how long I go back,” McCallany, who played The Mechanic in the 1999 film, continued. “The reading went exceptionally well, the casting director is an old friend of mine.”

He explained that an executive, “who shall remain nameless” was the one who “killed it for me.”  He also voted to “Get my revenge one day.”

After being told that a number of people on Reddit and Twitter have already thrown his name into the ring to play The Thing in any future “Fantastic Four” films, he lit up about the idea. “My head looks like a rock,” he joked, “all I need are like little stone lines!”

Why Mindhunter Season 3 May Not Happen At All Now

While David Fincher has made it clear a third season of Netflix’s serial killer drama “Mindhunter” probably won’t happen — or at least won’t anytime soon — McCallany said he’d still jump at the chance to revive his role as Bill Tench and wrap up the BTK killer storyline.

“Look, it’s all up to David, you know? It’s whatever David wants to do. If David wants to come back and do it, I’ll certainly come back,” he told TooFab. “I know my friend Jonathan Groff would come back, I’m sure Anna Torv would come back.”

“It’s a privilege to work with a great filmmaker like him,” he said, before comparing working with Fincher to Guy Ritchie, who directed “Wrath of Man.” He added, “You’re lucky as an actor … that’s what you want as an actor, you want to be with the guys that are really exceptional.”

While he said a third season “does seem unlikely,” he added: “But let me tell ya, if I get the call, they won’t have to ask me twice.”

See McCallany in “Wrath of Man” when it hits theaters May 2, 2021.

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