It’s finally May and you know what that means: Masturbation Month.

The celebration of all things self-love comes around every year to highlight why we should make ourselves cum more often.

Previously, we have explored the unexpected benefits of masturbation, such as whether it can boost your immune system and what women think about when they are getting themselves off.

Ironically, we’ve all got plenty of time to get frisky now that we’re stuck in lockdown, so this is the perfect opportunity to explore new ways to climax.

The challenge: to make yourself climax without using your hands.

How can you do this? Let us help (with advice, not our own hands – stop being so filthy).

Lie back, relax and let sex toys do the work for you

Surely this is cheating, because you still need your hands to move the sex toy, right? Wrong.

There are actually plenty of toys on the market that are completely hands-free.

For instance, you could try the Lelo Tiani 3, which let’s you penetrate, vibrate and control the sensations with a remote control.

(OK, so the latter requires your hands to swap vibrations – but once you’ve done that, you’re good to go).

Or hand the remote over to your self-isolation partner, if you have one, and just lie back and enjoy.

Other hands-free delights include suction dildos that you can attach to the floor or shower wall, and ‘ride’, with multiple vaginal and anal options to choose from Lovehoney.

If you fancy the popular rabbit-style dildo, the Wall Banger Suction Cup Vibrator, offers ‘shivering ears’ so that your clitoris is stimulated at the same time.

There’s a plethora of other choices – the (sex toy) world is your oyster.

Exercise your core

While you’re doing all those workouts in lockdown, try a core-based exercise for an added benefit, a so-called coregasm.

According to a study from 2014, published in the journal Sex and Relationship Therapy by the University of Indiana, you can give yourself an EIO (exercise-induced orgasm) by engaging your abs.

Try the ‘captain’s chair’ (padded high chair with no seat), climb poles and ropes, take a spinning class or do weight lifting to bring on the desired climax.

Exercises that have caused coregasms

Female participants from the study also revealed what type of exercise they had been doing when they got their coregasm:

  • 45% abdominal exercise
  • 26.5% weight lifting
  • 20% yoga
  • 15.8% cycling
  • 13.2% running
  • 9.6% got off on going for a brisk walk (daily lockdown walks just got more exciting).

Go to sleep

OK, so you can’t really bring on a sleepgasm yourself, it just sort of happens or it doesn’t.

But to help your subconscious along, try watching porn, masturbating (without climaxing), reading something naughty or having a make-out session with your partner before bed.

There are no guarantees, but it might help.

And if it doesn’t, there’s nothing stopping you from masturbating in the morning anyway.

Think sexy thoughts

Delve deep into your mind and explore your filthiest fantasies.

Do a sexy meditation, as such. You can also voice your thoughts out loud to your partner (or to a new lover, over the phone) if that works better.

Apparently, flooding our minds with dirty thoughts can bring on an orgasm without us doing anything else.

The theory was explored in a study in the early 90s, when Rutgers University studied 10 women who claimed to be able to orgasm with nothing but their thoughts.

And they had some success, with findings revealing that their ‘genital self-stimulation generated significant increases in systolic blood pressure, heart rate, pupil diameter, pain detection threshold and pain tolerance threshold over resting control conditions.’

In simpler words – they climaxed.

If thoughts alone aren’t enough, try turning on your favourite porn and watch it while you conjure up your filthy thoughts.

Take a page out of your pet’s book

Noticed how dogs hump pretty much everything when they’re frisky?

Do that.

Whether you rub yourself off on your partner’s leg, a pillow, the edge of your couch or something else, giving yourself clitoral stimulation in this way could make you cum (it’s also why many women orgasm while on top during sex).

Get dirty in the shower

It’s a classic, though it does require one hand.

Hold your shower head on your clitoris, and let loose. Just be careful with the temperature, so that you don’t injure the delicate skin.

Or turn on the faucet of the tub, and let the water shower over your vulva and into your vagina.

Again, be very careful with the water pressure and temperature so that you don’t harm your precious parts.

Top tip? Do both at the same time, see what happens, thank us later.

Take a (virtual) tantric workshop

Join a tantric workshop to learn techniques on how to give yourself stronger orgasms and tune into your body’s desires.

Your new-found skills might help you do some of the above even better.

Rope in your partner, if you’re isolating together.

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