Husband reveals he ‘inadvertently’ ended his wife’s decade-long friendship when he told the other woman she’d ‘always be single’ because of how she treats men

  • Man revealed his wife’s friendship ended over a comment made about love life
  • Posting on Reddit, he explained he told the friend she would always be single 
  • He said the friend broke up with a man after being invited inside his house 
  • Responses were torn, as many said he shouldn’t have commented on situation 

A man has revealed his wife’s friend ended their decade long friendship after he told her she’d ‘always be single’.  

Posting anonymously to Reddit, the man, believed to be from Canada, explained that his wife’s friend ‘Breanna’, 30, broke up with a man she had been seeing for four months, after he invited her into his house after a date.

He said Breanna was venting about the situation to his wife, when he criticised her reaction and told her that she will always be single because of her attitude towards men.

Many responses to the post reassured the man that he was right to view Breanna’s behaviour towards her date as unreasonable, however others argued it wasn’t his place to comment on the situation. 

A man has sparked a heated debate after revealing his comments ended his wife’s friendship of ten years (file image)

Posting on Reddit, the man explained he told his wife’s friend that she will always be single after she broke up with a man who wanted to go in his house to get his wallet

The husband explained Breanna isn’t religious but has never been in a relationship or experienced physical intimacy – despite confiding in his wife that it’s something she wants to do.

He said Breanna hasn’t experienced any trauma and wasn’t raised in a conservative household, but has an ‘unrealistic’ expectation of dating. 

He added Breanna fears men only want to have sex and revealed the belief ruined her most recent attempt at dating, saying: ‘It lasted a few months before he invited her into his apartment. And it wasn’t a planned thing either. 

‘They were apparently finishing a picnic date when he asked if they could stop by his place so he could pick up his wallet before heading to the marina. That was it. She immediately broke up with him. 

‘Or rather, she said yes, declined to go inside, and ghosted him and broke up via text when he was indoors before blocking him on everything.

‘When she was ranting to us about it, I rolled my eyes and sighed. When she asked what my problem was I decided to just be blunt with her. 

A stream of responses to the thread blasted the husband and argued it wasn’t his place to give Breanna harsh criticism 

‘I told her there isn’t a cisgender, allosexual man on the planet who won’t think of sex when dating a woman, and to expect otherwise to the point of ending things with a man who so much as hints at sex is ignorantly unrealistic. 

‘That even if he had hoped for something, after four months of dating, that isn’t necessarily an unreasonable expectation. Then I told her that if she lives on the assumption that any man who approaches her wants to violate her, she’ll always be single.’

The husband said Breanna left and told his wife that she shouldn’t have married him, which later led to them arguing. He admitted that it wasn’t his intention to end his wife’s friendship but argued Breanna needed to hear his perspective.

A stream of responses argued the husband shouldn’t have got involved in his wife’s friendship and blasted him for sharing his opinion.

One person wrote: ‘He has little to no relationship with this woman, and it’s not his place to give her such harsh advice/criticisms on her love life. If someone I barely know calls me out on something, it will sound insulting to me because it’s not coming from a friend or someone who truly cares about me and wants to see me improve. On top of that, after dumping this on her, he cost his wife a friend.’

Another said: ‘If you don’t want to hear it, step away or ask them not to talk about dating in front of you. It is not your place to judge. She did not ask for or want your advice. You complain about her boundaries, but you need to have some proper ones here too.’ 

Others argued Breanna’s behaviour seems unusual and admitted they would find it difficult not to comment in the situation

A third added: ‘Although I can totally understand your frustration at hearing her talk total nonsense and behaving in a ridiculous way I am afraid. She was your wife’s friend not yours so it wasn’t your place to get involved. Mind you it doesn’t sound like your wife will be missing much. People like this can suck all the joy from a room in an instant!’

However others argued the husband didn’t do any thing wrong and claimed most people would expect at least a kiss within four months of dating. 

‘She needs some counselling. Most people are sexually active especially in their 30’s and single but there are asexual people out there as well. She maybe one of them but she needs to see a therapist or doctor to find out,’ one wrote. 

‘Also after four months of dating a man asking to stop real quick to run up to his place to grab his wallet after a picnic isn’t an invitation usually to come up to make out or have intercourse. It just means he wants to run up to get his wallet to pay for them going out. 

‘She screwed up by ghosting him because most men her age wouldn’t be hanging around after one month and not having physical affection much less a kiss. He was still going at her pace after four months.’

Another said: ‘Yeah, I cant imagine dating someone for FOUR MONTHS and not having even kissed. That’s way past a time most folks in that age range start having sex. If I’m on date five and we haven’t kissed yet it would be a major red flag, I’d imagine. I’m not sure because its never happened’ 

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