DEAR DEIDRE: YOU would think I’d be used to my stutter after 50 years, but I’m still so embarrassed.

I’ve tried everything to treat it – speech therapy and electronic feedback devices – but nothing has helped.

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I’m 54 and a customer assistant in a supermarket.

I always wanted to train as a police officer, but I feared no one would take me seriously with a stammer.

My older brother has always given me the same advice: “Anyone that disregards or makes fun of you, it’s their loss.

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They’ve missed out on the opportunity to get to know you.”

I wish I could think this way.

DEIDRE SAYS:  An estimated eight per cent of children and three per cent of adults live with a stutter – so you are not alone.

Please don’t let this hold you back. Many people with stammers live full lives.

It might help to speak to others who understand what you’re dealing with.

Reach out to the British Stammering Association (, 0808 802 0002). I’m also sending you my support pack Raising Self-esteem to help.

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