A JEREMY Kyle guest was left heartbroken when her little sister confessed to being a prostitute – for 13 years.

Charlotte was on the show in the hope of getting 30-year-old Shelly in to rehab, to deal with her addiction to heroin and crack.


But she was devastated when Shelly revealed she paid for the drugs by sleeping with up to three men a day – at £80 a time.

She told Charlotte she had been selling her body for “about 13 years now.”

Jeremy added:  “She does it every day of your life” and asked if she had a “pimp.”

She said: “No. I’ve got a friend who helps me out.”

Jeremy said: “Is he a man? That’s a pimp then.

“Do you pay him – in kind?”

Shelly replied: “No because when I see him I still get paid,” but she admitted to sleeping with him as well.

Jeremy asked her how much she charged and she told him: “£80 for half an hour £150 for the whole hour.”

She also revealed she once made £1500 for sex with three men in one day.

Shelly revealed that she had “been attacked a couple of times” and “roughed up” and that she worried she would end up dead.

Weeping Charlotte told her: “You’d ruin me.

“I’m worried about you. If I get that phone call, if I had to bury you, that would be me done.”



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Earlier, Charlotte told Jeremy that her sister started using drugs at 16.

She said: “She had some abuse early on that she never dealt with.

“She also had some fertility problems and can’t have children which made matters worse.”

As an image of Shelly as a healthy teen flashed up on screen, she added: “She’s beautiful. She’s a lovely girl.”

She revealed that when her sister falls asleep, “you have to kick her to check she’s still breathing.”

Mum Tracy also said she feared her daughter would die every night.

She said: “When she goes to sleep I have to check she’s breathing.

“I can’t sleep because I never know if she’s going to wake up.”

The family begged Jeremy to help and Shelly told him: “I want my life back. I want a chance to rebuild my life.”

After being warned this was a “last chance”, she was whisked off in a car to the Perry Clayton Project for three months of rehab.

Sadly, the Jeremy Kyle Show Twitter page later revealed that she had quit the rehab programme early.

Last week, viewers were left in tears after a lad who found his "long lost family" after a 16 year search found they were not related.

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