JON JONES doesn't deserve Conor McGregor money for a super-fight with UFC heavyweight king Francis Ngannou, his old rival Daniel Cormier has claimed.

Future hall-of-famer Jones is currently embroiled in a bitter pay dispute with the UFC brass, which has been going on for the best part of a year.

The former long-reigning light-heavyweight champion wants a bumper payday to lock horns with the fearsome Ngannou.

Cormier believes Jones is deserving of a big purse but is adamant his arch-nemesis shouldn't be paid top dollar.

During the latest episode of DC & Helwani, Cormier said of the 33-year-old: “I think he does deserve a large number.

"“I don’t believe… if Conor McGregor — and I don’t know what Conor makes.

"But I heard Conor makes, like, $15 million to show up. And then he gets all the pay-per-view.

“If Conor makes $15 million to show up, Jones shouldn’t make what Conor McGregor makes.


"If Conor McGregor makes something in that range, Jones shouldn’t make what Conor McGregor makes. It should be a tier beneath that.”

Former two-division champion Cormier reckons Jones should receive parity with the recently-retired Khabib Nurmagomedov.

He continued: “Does Jon Jones make what Khabib makes?

"If Khabib makes $8 million to $10 million, yes. But I don’t believe he should make what Conor McGregor makes.

“I do believe that Conor McGregor… there should be a difference in the pay scale because of what he has meant to the company.

"But in the $8 million to $10 million range? I think that works.

“I believe with 100% certainty, (the UFC) would give (Jones) $10 million to show up and fight Francis Ngannou. I believe that.

“And that’s him getting his money. Because he’s never made $10 million before to show.

"He said he makes $5 million, right? So if he makes $5 million, then you’re doubling what he makes to go and fight Francis.”

Cormier's insistence that Jones' paydays shouldn't be on par with McGregor's stems from Bones' mishaps outside of the octagon.

He added: “We fought on a number of occasions, and every time something happened after.

“What if something happens after?

"Now you’ve got a vacant heavyweight championship and you pay this guy all this money. And that’s the problem.

“And it’s hard for me to say that because of our history.

"But it’s like, UFC 214, him and I. He beat me. Take your belt, take your money, go home.

"But instead, there’s an issue. Now what? You’re just gonna put the belt back on Francis.”

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