Kehlani takes to her backyard and walks her neighborhood to film the self-directed video for hew new single, “Everybody Business.” The song follows the March release of “Toxic,” which also featured a video she self-shot at home while in quarantine during the COVID-19 crisis.

Billed as directed under her play-on-words pseudonym, Hyphy Williams, Kehlani emotively sings about the rumors that follow her every move. It opens with people talking smack while a Google search screen flashes searches about her love life and rumors.

“I hear every word they talk/Try not to care at all,” she croons on the hook. “I know it’s frontin’, don’t know me from nothin’/Still learning to shake it off/I know I can take it all/I know they frontin’/You know they frontin’, babe.”

In addition to self-directing the video, she also orchestrated the beat for “Everybody Business” along with producers Go Grizzly and Loshendrix. The smoldering guitar ballad interpolates Pharrell Williams’ “Frontin’” featuring Jay-Z. “I remember saying the first line and all of us knowing it was going to be one of the ones,” she said in an Instagram post about the song. “The way we all laughed, got silent, nodded our heads, walked around in circles. When I was nervous to sing the hook out loud because I didn’t know if they would think I was hilarious for flipping Pharrell’s ‘Frontin” in a guitar ballad.”

Beyond “Everybody Business” and “Toxic,” Kehlani also released 2020’s double music video for “All Me” and “Change Your Life,” and the single, “Valentine’s Day (Shameful).” Kehlani also appears on Megan Thee Stallion’s recent track, “Hit My Phone,” from Suga, and on Justin Bieber’s “Get Me” from Changes.

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