KYLE WALKER is reportedly set to avoid a second Manchester City punishment for breaking lockdown guidelines.

The Premier League club are already in the process of investigating their right-back after he was caught hosting a party with two sex workers last month.

And the latest revelations that he failed to recognise social distancing measures on three occasions inside 24 hours could land him in hot water with the police.

SunSport revealed that Walker visited his sister in Yorkshire before driving to his parent's house, and later joined a pal for a cycle ride in Manchester.

In March, the England defender pleaded with his 1.5million Twitter followers to "Stay home, save lives" as part of the country's lockdown measures that have been in place for over six weeks.

The restrictions were designed to halt the spread of the virus that has killed 31,029 people to date, from over 206,000 confirmed cases.

Following the emergence of Walker's movements, it has been widely reported that City will not punish their player.

It is said that the club are aware of private, contextual reasons behind the trips.

Walker apologised for inviting a friend and two sex workers to his house in the early weeks of the lockdown and the Eastlands club are thought to be awaiting an appropriate moment to discuss that episode with him in person.

On Friday, the 29-year-old released a statement expressing concerns over his mental health.

He wrote: "At a time when the focus is understandably on Covid-19, at what point does mental health get taken into consideration, an illness which affects every sufferer differently?

"I am a human being, with feelings of pain and upset just like everybody else.

“Being in the public eye as a professional athlete does not make you immune to this. It is sad, but I feel as though my life is being scrutinised without any context.

"I understand if people are upset or angry with me, but it was important for people to have a better understanding of my life."

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