YouTube’s highest-paid star last year, toy reviewer Ryan Kaji, raked in a cool $26 million in 2019. Did we mention he’s also not even 10 years old?

Never has it been easier to monetize your YouTube presence. The sheer audience on the platform alone (we’re talking 2 billion monthly users) means that there are plenty of eyeballs to view your vlogs, product reviews, talk shows and other types of video content. And if you can get even a fraction of what Ryan Kaji amasses every year, you could be enjoying some serious income.

Here’s the thing: making it on YouTube isn’t as simple as recording a video on your iPhone and uploading it to the internet. To make the most out of the platform, you’ll need to take on a hybrid role and be both a content creator and a digital marketer. This includes editing your footage to create a compelling story, optimizing your video’s SEO to increase visibility, understanding alternative ways to drive traffic to your page and growth hack on the platform (or in Layman’s terms, get more exposure on a budget).

All of the above can be accomplished with the help of The Become a Professional YouTuber Bundle (now priced at $29). This YouTube Bootcamp comprises eight comprehensive courses that break down the anatomy of a viral video, from video editing to digital optimization, and everything in between. Additionally, it also gives aspiring influencers business tips and tricks that can help them turn their vlogs into a lucrative side — or even main — hustle.

Considering how much money stands to be made as a top-tier content creator, the Become a Professional YouTuber Bundle’s price tag of $29 seems like a no-brainer investment for those looking to kickstart their new digital career.

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