Love Island’s André Furtado admitted he’s worried he could “get in trouble” over his embarrassing bedroom habit when he walks into the villa.

The 21-year-old business owner is set to turn on the charm this evening when he joins the other nine sexy singletons in the Majorcan villa.

But despite his dashing good looks, the ITV hunk isn’t perfect as he opened up about one of his most embarrassing habits he fear will land him in hot water in the bedroom.

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Speaking exclusively to Daily Star and other publications, the graduate confessed that he sometimes sleep talks when he is very tired.

He explained: “I'd say when I'm very, very tired I talk in my sleep so I have be careful because the morning after I can kind of recite what I was saying.

“And I know that can be quite scary, can you imagine going to sleep when someone’s talking? Because I'll be like, ‘Oh yeah that was amazing etc’.”

The Islander went on to hint that he might have game plan to impress the girls in the villa as he shared his concerns with “leaking information” when he’s asleep.

André continued: "There’s always been something that I've been scared of when talking in my sleep and that’s just like leaking information that I wasn’t supposed to say to the person.

“I've always been scared of, that but it doesn’t happen too often, hopefully it doesn’t happen too much while I'm there.”

The hunky businessman went on to reveal that another problem he has found in the past is women fighting over him when he is in a relationship.

He went on: "There’s times I've got in trouble because girls are into me whilst I was in a relationship and yeah that one got me in trouble a couple of times to be honest.

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"I wouldn’t entertain it too often however it would get me in trouble, I was like ‘What did I do that for?’ even whilst I was single or in situationships, that problem will always come around."

André went on to admit that it was one of his "favourite problems" to have and "wouldn't mind to have it again" while he is in the ITV villa.

The beefcake added: "It was my favourite problem that I would love to have, although it was a headache that I wouldn’t mind to have again.

Love Island returns tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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