Michael Jackson worked hard for his fans. The King of Pop released a huge amount of music throughout his career, and made sure his fans knew they were his number one priority.

Over the course of the years Jackson even dabbled in other forms of art.

Although he was predominantly a singer songwriter who performed with incredible choreography, he also worked hard on the music video side of his work.

As his career continued he became determined to create more elaborate displays of music videos.

These included short films and short stories within his music.

Jackson of course gained inspiration from a lot of this by watching influential directors around him.

Recently, the official Michael Jackson Twitter account posted an image of the King of Pop at Disneyland.

Alongside some photos of the King of Pop with Mickey and Minnie Mouse, the account posted an anecdote from Michael Boddicker – a film composer – who spent some time with Jackson over the years.

The composer obviously worked closely with Jackson over the years, as he spoke highly of him, but began the quote: “He was a workaholic.

“I’d have to meet Michael Jackson at 3:00 am at Disneyland so we could sit in the Captain EO exhibit and watch the film to talk about the different sound design that was going to go on!”

Of course, Jackson was highly interested in creating engaging cinema – could Boddicker’s input have had something to do with this interest?

Meanwhile, fans have recently become accustomed with newly-found documents unearthed in his Neverland Ranch.

These notes were supposedly found during the raid of Jackson’s home back in 2003.

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This was when he was being accused of child abuse, prompting a thorough look into his life.

In this unearthed note, Jackson condemned Elvis Presley, saying: “Elvis is NOT King.

“I am not prejudiced, it’s just time for the first Black King now.”

He later went on to say he was eager to become “powerful” and end racism.

“My goal is to become so ‘big’,” he said. “So powerful, to become such a hero, to end prejudice.

“To make these little white kids love me by selling over 200 million albums. Make them look up to me. I will change the world.”

Later, he hit out at the Beatles in the same note.

Jackson reportedly said: “Yes these guys were good, but they weren’t better singers or dancers than the blacks.”

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