Netflix has removed an episode of political thriller series Designated Survivor in Turkey following a demand from the country’s censor board.

The episode, number seven from season two (when the show was still made by ABC), depicts a fictitious Turkish president, played by Troy Caylak, as its antagonist. Kiefer Sutherland leads the show as U.S. president Tom Kirkman.

“Following a demand from the Turkish regulator, we have removed one episode of Designated Survivor from Netflix in Turkey only, to comply with local law,” the streamer said in a statement.

The episode remains on the service in all other territories. The show, produced by the Mark Gordon Company and Kinberg Genre, ran on ABC for two seasons, with Netflix handling international. After being cancelled by the U.S. network, eOne and Netflix commissioned a third series, cancelling the show after it aired in summer 2019.

Back in February, Netflix revealed the nine occasions it has removed titles from its service in compliance with government demands, including dropping episode one of Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj in Saudi Arabia, and removing both The Last Temptation Of Christ and The Last Hangover in Singapore.

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