Hi, hello, yes, hi! Welcome to another day. It is on this day we have discovered that not only are people making whipped strawberry milk over on TikTok in addition to their Dalgona coffee, but that they’re also taking things to a new level of “are you okay over there?” by creating White Claw-based slushies.

As noted by Popsugar, the trend is a whimsical one, a “choose-your-own-adventure situation”: Many of the people creating these drinks are going with a Black Cherry White Claw base (though the grapefruit flavor is popular too), adding that to a pile of ice, throwing the combo together in the blender with some complementary fresh or frozen fruit, and topping it off with liquor.

While many are leaning toward vodka for their hit of booze, there are plenty of rum and tequila concoctions making the rounds as well.

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Another thing that seems crucial for this cocktail? That you make it by playing a Fifty Cent or Taylor Swift song. This is probably because when you’re getting drunk off something called a “White Claw slushie” in a quarantine, a nostalgic ambiance is crucial.

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Anyway! Best of luck to everyone, whether you’re out there making White Claw beverages in the middle of the day or not. A request for the crowd, though: Wanna take a stab at putting together some Fireball-based TikToks? I feel like that’s the only next step from here.

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