Ryan and Ashely Bradshaw planned to be wed in front of friends and family at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, a facility with enough pews to seat hundreds. Then, of course, you already know this part of the story- coronavirus.

The couple debated and just days before their nuptials, made the final decision to move on as planned. Man and wife. For better or worse.

The affair was significantly more minimal. There was no full mass. No bridal party. No altar boys. No Cake.

In addition to the bride and groom were a priest, two dads, two moms, one sister, one brother, two wedding photographers, a pianist, a cellist and two friends plus their plus ones.

Fr. Scott Bailey said this was his first covid-style wedding, though he had officiated a few funerals under these circumstances. The latter being particularly difficult due to the lack of physical comfort he was able to provide the bereft by way of hugs and handshakes.

Bailey recalled a story in which spoke with empathy to the bride and groom before the ceremony, but Ashley was quick to find positivity by pointing out that the lack of wedding-day flair allowed her and Ryan to concentrate on what really matters.

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