POUNDLAND is selling takeaway-style burger and chips boxes so you can create your own fakeaway food from home.

The new novelty packaging could be the perfect fix if you’re missing McDonald’s during the coronavirus lockdown.

The cardboard burger boxes and chip packets are shaped in a similar style to Maccies.

While they don’t have the famous golden arches logo, the packaging comes in a red and white striped design.

They also feature the words “burger” and “fries” in white writing on a blue background.

Poundland is selling packs of six fakeaway boxes for £1.

Sadly, the packaging doesn't come with any food, so what grub you put inside is all down to you.

Luckily McDonald's fans have got you covered, with one have-a-go chef claiming to have perfected the fast food chain's iconic cheeseburger.

People have also been attempting to make McDonald's chips from home.

It's worth noting that none of these recipes are officially from McDonald's, so we can't say how close to the real thing they actually are.

Feeling inspired? You can pick up the food boxes from Poundland now.

They're not available online, so you'll have to buy some up as part of your next essential shop in store.

Poundland has 860 shops in the UK – use the store finder tool to track down your nearest branch.

Alternatively, you can buy red party boxes which look like fast food packaging for 35p each, plus £3.89 delivery, on Partyrama.

However, if you want something closer to the original, McDonald's Happy Meal boxes can now be downloaded for free at home.

Plus, this savvy Facebook user has revealed how to make a McFlurry at home with just three ingredients.

Last week we told you how you can make your very own sausage and egg McMuffin at home.

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