Warning: The following story contains graphic descriptions of sexual abuse.

NEW YORK ― The second survivor to testify in the R. Kelly sexual abuse trial dropped a bombshell allegation on Tuesday morning while on the stand.

Jane Doe, the fifth of six Does whose stories are included in charging documents, told jurors that Kelly did have at least one other male victim. Doe said that she was forced to have sex with a man Kelly referred to as “Nephew” as punishment for breaking one of the singer’s rules.

After Kelly spanked her and two of his other girlfriends for breaking a rule, Doe told jurors, Kelly sent Doe back to her hotel room for more punishment. “He said that I was the closest to him and I should’ve known better,” Doe said. 

“He said he had been grooming ‘Nephew’ since he was young like me,” she said, adding that Kelly told her “not to embarrass him” and please Nephew sexually like she pleases Kelly.

Doe said Kelly came into the hotel room with Nephew, who was naked. Kelly took off his clothes as well, she said, and started filming Nephew and Doe having oral sex. She said Kelly instructed them on what to do to each other as he filmed.

When prosecutors asked if Doe wanted to have sex with Nephew, she responded: “Never,” adding later that “it was punishment.”

It was not clear what year or where these alleged incidents took place. Doe said she was forced to have sex with Nephew multiple times throughout her five-year relationship with Kelly.

Doe is the second victim to take the stand. She said she met Kelly in 2015 at one of his concerts when she was 17 and he was 48 years old. Her harrowing testimony began on Monday morning and she recounted graphic sexual, physical and mental abuse. Her cross-examination from the defense will continue throughout the rest of Tuesday.

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