Rob Kardashian both delighted and shocked ‘KUWTK’ viewers when he popped back into his family’s show for Dream’s birthday! The shy Kardashian was even filmed hanging out with Kim, Khloe and Scott Disick.

Rob Kardashian, 33, is infamously camera-shy, so it’s quite the surprise to see him pop in for the April 23 episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians! Of course, only a big occasion can make Rob resurface on his family’s reality television show: his daughter Dream Kardashian’s third birthday party. Rob goes all out for this bash, which is Trolls-themed (the DreamWorks animation is a favorite among the KarJenner kids).

Rob invites his family over, and everyone watches as the adorable birthday girl blows out her candles. Making this moment even more sentimental is the memento on Rob’s fridge: a drawing that Dream made for Rob, which reads, “I [Heart] You Daddy.”

Kris Jenner has to give her only son props. “I am so proud of Rob and what a cute party he gave for Dream,” she gushes during the episode. “He wanted it to be so special. From the cake to the bubble guy, it was just really cute.”Rob was even filmed mingling with the party guests — he looked so happy while hanging out with Scott Disick!

Rob eventually approaches his sisters Khloe and Kim and asks if they will later head to Kylie Jenner’s house for Corey Gamble’s “surprise birthday dinner” (coincidentally, Corey and Dream share Nov. 10 birthdays). Apparently, roller skating is on the agenda, but Rob doesn’t plan to go. Meanwhile, this is news to Khloe and Kim, who think their brother is “joking” until he insists he’s being “dead” serious about the surprise dinner. That puts Khloe and Kim in a pickle, who were already planning a surprise trip to Napa for Kris’ boyfriend’s birthday.

Rob, who has only made a handful of appearances on KUWTK since 2017, has been slowly returning to the public’s eye. He underwent a weight loss transformation in 2019, and even posted a very rare photo of himself in November of that year (he was rocking his Papa Trolls costume). In a rare move, Rob even playfully poked fun at Kim and Kourtney Kardashian’s headline-making fight (which left Kim with bloody scratches) on March 27! The consensus is unanimous on Twitter: it’s good to see Rob again.

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