The Making of Us: Filmmaker records message of hope narrated by Gollum actor Andy Serkis showing families in isolation as he reassures the UK that we will get through COVID-19 together

  • London filmmaker put together clip called The Making of Us amid COVID-19
  • The positive message is narrated by actor Andy Serkis, who appears in the clip
  • Encourages people to respect social distancing guidelines in order to save lives 
  • Learn more about how to help people impacted by COVID

Film makers have put together a heartwarming clip, sending people in isolation a message of hope amid the coronavirus lockdown. 

The group of creatives, located in South London, enrolled the help of actor Andy Serkis – who portrayed Gollum through motion capture in The Lord of the Rings franchise – to narrate the beautiful clip, called The Making of Us. 

Showing everyday Britons keeping busy during the current lockdown, which has just been extended for another three weeks, the video is a rallying call for the UK that the nation will get through the COVID-19 pandemic with kindness and patience.

Shouting out to the generations who survived the second World War, the clip makes the point that we can do our bit for the country while on lockdown. 

It also highlights the importance of telling close ones you love them everyday while following social distancing guidelines and saving lives by staying at home.

Filmmakers from South London have put together a clip called The Making of Us encouraging Brits to do their best while staying at home on lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic (pictured: two children playing over a fence, from the video)

The three-minute-long clip shows families, friends and more, around the UK staying connected via conference calls, text messages and letters, telling how much they love each other. 

‘Tell tour mum you love her, your dad, you sister, your brother, your friend,’ Andy Serkis can be heard saying. 

‘Stay away when you should be staying away, but do tell them everyday single day because they need it.

‘And they’ll say it back, and you need that, because face it, we’re all scared, we’re all losing it over what we could lose, or worse, who.’

Actor Andy Serkis narrates the short clip, sharing its uplifting and heartwarming message that we will get through this together (pictured at Kensington Palace on February 1 for the British Academy  

The video shows how people demonstrated their support for the NHS by sharing messages on their window (pictured) and clapping the health services every Thursday night 

The clip then moves on to a more hopeful messages, referencing the creation of the NHS in the aftermaths of WWII in 1948, which made healthcare available for everyone. 

‘None of this is new, think about it, there’s a whole generation who faced it before, and while their new normal involved a different kind of war, they worked out what to do and we will too.

‘From their fight, we gained our NHS, they were not a different breed, it was the need to change that made them, and this, could be the making of us,’ Andy Serkis went on. 

The video encourages Brits to keep in touch using any form of communication they choose, from video calls to text messages, in order to tell their loved ones who much they care about them (pictured, a family having dinner with a loved one through a video call) 

He then encourage Brits to be there for each other during lockdown, through acts of generosity and kindness.  

‘It’s time to look up, to embrace our new reality, to be there for the old and lonely, to talk, over the phone, over a fence, to be a better you.

‘Sign up to do something for those who cant do it for yourself while you have nothing better to do,’ he said, referencing projects such as the NHS Volunteer Responders, or people helping vulnerable people shield by delivering groceries and prescriptions. 

Through archive footage, the video shows how the older generations coped during the second World War (pictured)

The video makes the point that national crisis have been the making of the UK, and that the coronavirus pandemic can be the ‘making of her’ (pictured, an elderly woman featured in the video)

The clip also explained that staying at home was not a punishment, but could encourage us to embrace our creative side.  

‘And while you’re still begged to stay indoors, you are not stuck, you’re safe.

‘You’re not hiding from the chance of dying, but taking the chance to save some lives.

‘When you’re at home, you can still fight the fight: get up, get dressed, be the best in any little way you choose.

The video praises the NHS, and explains that the pandemic is not just the NHS’s test, but everyone’s (pictured: A key worker getting ready for a shift at the hospital)

Rainbows and words of support for the NHS can be seen in the heartwarming video (pictured)    

Pictured: a healthy neighbour delivering groceries to vulnerable individuals in the video. The Making of Us references the possibility to help those who can’t do things for themselves 

‘Think of the times you’ve needed the NHS, this is not just their test, it’s our test too, stay at home for them.’

The narration then ends with the last encouraging mantra: ‘This could be the making of us, the making of you.’

Throughout the short video, we see Brits on lockdown, some staying at home with their families, others volunteering to help their vulnerable neighbours.

The clip ends with a node to the Clap for the NHS movement, showing neighbours applauding the health services and key workers on their door steps or from their windows. 

In the clip, Andy Serkis can be heard saying ‘this can be the making of us’ repeatedly, showing how all our actions matter during the pandemic






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