Sky Studios has signed an exclusive deal with Philipp Leinemann, under which the German filmmaker will develop, write and direct local and international dramas for the company.

His 2014 debut film Wir Waren Könige (The King’s Surrender) won awards including best feature at the Torino Film Festival, while his German TV series Tempel is being developed in the U.S. by Shades of Blue and Eyewitness creator Adi Hasak and Dynamic Television.

Sky Studios CEO Gary Davey said: “This is great news for Sky Studios’ ambitions in Germany. Phillip is a top-level talent with the creativity and work ethic that is a perfect fit for us.”

Leinemann added: “Sky is now offering me the opportunity to tell bold and ambitious stories and to develop freely. It reminds me why I came into film-making in the first place and I have a great sense of excitement and joy.”

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