Last month’s new moon presented us with a timely opportunity to acknowledge the uncertain future and, in turn, view it through an optimistic lens. This month, the option to keep looking ahead with hope remains, but we’ll be encouraged to do so with a grain of salt, with a greater awareness of what’s practical and necessary.

When the new moon arrives in the sturdy earth sign of Taurus on April 22, we’ll have a chance not only to work toward a steadier, more secure future, but to reflect on the safety and comfort we already enjoy.

The new moon in Taurus wants you to prioritize your fundamental needs. 

With a longstanding astrological association with finances, material goods, and finite resources, Taurus prioritizes saving, planning, and setting boundaries with those who demand your money and attention (because truly, brain space is absolutely a finite resource). When this sign hosts the introspective new moon, our goal should be to adjust our routines and plans in order to ensure stability in these areas — Taurean energy makes the idea of “lacking” anything downright scary. This could mean you’ll need to delve into your spending habits or establish a grocery delivery system to keep your pantry stocked at all times. Don’t be afraid to confront the areas in which you want for something. This lunar phase will reward you if you acknowledge those needs and seek to meet them.

Spending ample time at home, tending to your garden, nurturing relationships with those you live with, and finally giving bread baking a try, will also satisfy this increased desire for security. Any work or activities that play into the greater goal of comforting and sustaining you and your loved ones — like planting seeds for future produce — will honor the new moon’s energy. 

But, allow time for rest and relaxation.

Thanks to its ruling element, Taurus undoubtedly understands the value of hard work, but it’s far more likely to kick back and take a break than its fellow earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn. So, don’t feel like you have to spend the entirety of the new moon rehashing your budget or laying sod in the backyard. If you’re able to stay home, work remotely, and shelter in place with family members, celebrate that fact and try to enjoy your time indoors. Taurus is, after all, one of the biggest homebodies of the Zodiac (for the record, Cancer gives Taurus a run for its money in this department). Take a long bath, have a weeknight glass of wine, and simply luxuriate in your free time — in short, enjoy your quarantine with gratitude in mind.

Ultimately, aim for a sense of ease.

Whether you hunker down with your creature comforts or lay the groundwork for future rewards, do not take on more than you can handle during the new moon. In the same way that the peaceful Taurean Bull lays languidly in the meadow, so, too, can you cultivate a sense of ease. Despite encroaching fears and anxieties, despite a yearning for change or variety, you can learn how to exist peacefully in the moment, doing precisely what’s within your power for the future, with a little help from this measured new moon.  

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