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Fastest Lamborghini

The 2022 Lamborghini Countach is a fast car … and seller.

The limited edition hybrid supercar, which has a top speed of 211 mph and draws inspiration from the 1970s original of the same name, has sold out just days after its unveiling during the Monterey Car Week events in California.

Lamborghini will build just 112 of the cars, which are priced around $2.5 million each, and the automaker has confirmed to Top Gear that they are all spoken for.

Many were likely sold before the event as Lamborghini reached out to offer the opportunity to buy one to its most loyal customers and collectors in the days prior.

The two-seat, scissors-door coupe is equipped with a V12 engine and electric motor powered by supercapacitors that generate a combined 803 horsepower.

The new Countach is based on a previous low volume model called the Sian that it made 82 of which were also sold out at a similar price.


The VW Group-owned automaker is coming off of its best first-half sales ever with 4853 deliveries global and said its order books are filled through April 2022.

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