Russia: Dog steals reporter's microphone during broadcast

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While we all adore our four-legged friends, there’s no denying that when we leave it a little long between washes the smell can degenerate into something nearly unbearable. And there’s little that’s more frustrating than when you go through the whole washing and drying process just to realise the lacklustre shampoo you opted for barely made a dent in that insidious ‘wet dog’ smell.

Dogs are all unique, and therefore so are what they need from a shampoo. Just like there are a million different variations of shampoo for humans, the same is true for dogs. You need to find a formulation that’s suited to your dog’s specific needs, whether that be irritation, dandruff, itching, shedding, or just a stubborn bad odour. For 8 non-irritating shampoos that will leave your dog soft, shiny, and clean, keep scrolling.


4.8 stars from 11,478 ratings

Gently clean your pup while leaving them with a fresh baby powder scent that lasts for days.

The Aloe Vera enriched formula helps to nourish the coat and skin, which promotes hair growth and reduces irritation and dandruff.

Promising review:

“This is just the best shampoo for my dog. Leaves her coat clean soft and shiny and takes away all the dodgy smell. I very highly rate this product”.

Bottle size: 1L

RRP: £8.50

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BUGALUGS Baby Fresh Dog Shampoo

4.6 stars from 1,935 ratings

A one-litre bottle with a 20:1 dilution means this dog shampoo is economical enough to get you through a lot of washes.

If your pup suffers from sensitive skin, this shampoo is pH friendly. The formula cleanses deeply but gently, removing any nasty odours without irritating the skin.

Promising review:

“This shampoo is great. We have a very white cavapoo puppy who loves deep puddles, muddy rivers and basically anything that makes him less white. This shampoo cleans him really well. You only need a small amount to remove the grime and leave h smelling amazingly clean. It is quite a strong smell of baby powder but it is way better than the stinky dog smell and it leaves him whiter than white. Good value. Economical, effective, and we love it”.

Bottle size: 1L

RRP: £8.49

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Pro Pooch Oatmeal Dog Shampoo

4.5 stars from 2,935 ratings

Specifically formulated to soothe itching and help with dandruff, this shampoo will leave your dog looking and smelling clean without causing any irritation.

Using a combination of natural cleansers such as colloidal oatmeal, B5, aloe vera, and wheat proteins, this shampoo naturally cleanses and moisturises your dog’s fur and skin while also nourishing it to help leave them looking smooth and shiny.

Promising review:

“My dog has struggled with itchy skin on and off the past year, despite being on a very high-quality hypoallergenic diet and not being exposed to his allergens. This shampoo has taken the itch away after only being used once a week for a couple of weeks and he is so much happier. It also smells pleasant and does a very good job of removing dirt”.

Bottle size: 250ml

RRP: £11.99, on sale now for £7.19 – you save £4.80

Shop on Amazon here…

C&G Pets | Dog Shampoo For Itchy Skin

4.5 stars from 3,592 ratings

Using a vitamin E infused, non-toxic formula, this shampoo helps to moisturise and restore cracked or damaged areas of your dog’s coat and skin.

The shampoo provides antibacterial and antifungal protection, leaving your dog with a shiny, healthy-looking coat and relief from irritation.

Promising review:

“Having a rescue dog that is prone to itchy skin I wanted something that is all-natural and gentle to use. Very impressed with the instant soothing that this dog shampoo seemed to offer. He hasn’t scratched as much at all since his wash a few days ago and his coat is also very clean and shiny. The scent is of peppermint and after the wash is able to be smelt which is quite nice. All in all, I would recommend this product”.

Bottle size: 500ml

RRP: £12.99

Shop on Amazon here…

Animology Puppy Love Shampoo

4.6 stars from 3,665 ratings

This mild shampoo has been formulated for dogs with sensitive skin and deeply cleanses your dog’s skin and fur while still being mild enough to be gentle.

The easy rinse technology the shampoo has been made with makes it a breeze to rinse out, which saves time washing and reduces the chance of irritation.

Promising review:

“I love this stuff! It smells beautiful and my pup is squeaky clean and smells like baby powder!

It’s easy to lather up and to wash out, I will be buying more”.

Bottle size: 5L

RRP: £57.47

Shop on Amazon here…

Johnsons Skin Calm Dog shampoo

Suitable for all dog breeds, this shampoo soothes dry and itchy skin with its coal tar and sulphur enriched formula, which are ingredients with powerful antibacterial and soothing properties.

4.5 stars from 1,182 ratings

Promising review:

“I’ve been buying this shampoo for my dog for a few years now, he suffers from allergies and nothing seemed to help until I tried this. It makes a huge difference and stops him scratching at his skin so much”.

Bottle size: 200ml

RRP: £3.69

Shop on Amazon here…

Johnsons Veterinary Products Puppy and Kitten Shampoo

This non-irritating shampoo is for puppies and kittens of all breeds.

The mild formula won’t irritate the skin of your furry friend, leaving their coat shiny, clean, and without any bad odours.

4.4 stars from 746 ratings

Promising review:

“Our little one was very shiny and soft after using this shampoo. Just follow the instructions and your pet will be happy and clean. Highly recommended!”.

Bottle size: 200ml

RRP: £3.69, on sale now for £2.46 – you save £1.23

Shop on Amazon here…

Animology Mucky Pup No-Rinse Shampoo Puppy Spray

Perfect for top-ups between deep cleans, this waterless deodorising spray acts in a similar way to dry shampoo for humans.

It deodorising and cleans your dog’s fur, leaving their coat looking and smelling fresh without the need for a full bath.

4.5 stars from 1,613 ratings

Promising review:

“I absolutely love this spray, it seems absolutely beautiful and reminds me of when my dog is freshly groomed. This works wonders in between grooms as it is so easy to use. Just spritz it on a rub it in, my dog is quite spoiled so I spritz it on, brush it out and hair dry him as well. Saves a bath which he is not a massive fan of”.

Bottle size: 250ml

RRP: £9.99

Shop on Amazon here…

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