David Gordon Green promised fear in his last interview regarding the upcoming Halloween Kills film. Well, the official trailer has just arrived and it looks like the filmmaker is staying true to his word, but apart from being a blood-soaked horror film, we also see that this is going to be packed full of action.

This 2018 sequel trailer sees franchise star Jamie Lee Curtis riding away from a burning house with her family, relieved to be rid of Michael Myers but at the same time terrified for the police and firefighters that are responding to the fire. Her fears are quickly justified as the scene cuts to Myers making quick work of each of the rescuers.

While Myers is normally the hunter in the Halloween franchise, the roles are reversed as all of his victims have had enough, finally banding together to fight back. A nice little touch to the film is that a lot of actors from the original films (think John Carpenter’s 1978 Halloween) have returned to join in to finally turn the tide. Moving as a mob, led by Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) the group is now shown on a bona fide witch hunt setting the town ablaze to exact revenge on the deranged murderer — they even stole his mask.

Check out the exciting trailer above. Fans will no want to miss this film’s release on October 15.

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