There is a lot to love about the all-new iPhone SE. It packs the latest and greatest A13 Bionic processor – the same silicon that powers the £1,499 iPhone 11 Pro Max – as well as an updated rear-camera that brings a number of features usually reserved for the pricier models, including Portrait Lighting effects. All of this is bundled into the same case design seen on the iPhone 8, which Apple claims has been its “most popular” screen size at 4.7-inches.

However, while there is a lot to like about the new iPhone, which starts from £419 or can be bought from £11 a month from the Apple Store, there is one missing feature.

As highlighted in our iPhone SE review, the new more affordable iPhone can only shoot Portrait Mode images (which add a bokeh-style blur to the background behind the subject) with human subjects – so don’t expect to be able to snap DSLR-like photos of your pet.

iPhone 11 Pro uses its triple-lens set-up to achieve Portrait Mode images of anything, including cats and dogs.

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However, there is a way for iPhone SE owners to achieve the same results. You’ll need to switch from the default Camera app built into iOS to a third-party option – Halide. This app offers a number of granular settings and tools you don’t normally find on iOS (by contrast, a number of Android rivals offer “Pro” modes in their camera apps).

Using Halide on the iPhone SE allows you to take Portrait Mode images of pets and objects.

That’s because it’s using the algorithms built by the award-winning developers behind the app, not the ones created by Apple for its own Camera app.

Halide Camera will set you back £5.99 on the Apple App Store, which is much more reasonable than switching from the £412 iPhone SE to the iPhone 11 Pro, which starts from £999 on the Apple Store, to enable this effect. It’s available to download right now and has been updated to support the iPhone SE and its new single-camera system.

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