The one surprising tech device you MUST replace after a breakup or divorce – or your ex could spy on you

  • Experts warn people should wipe their routers when breaking up with a lover
  • This is because the device stores confidential information about you 
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Tech researchers warn people going through a breakup need to be mindful of a device that can let their ex-partner spy on them.

The internet router in the corner of your home stores confidential and sensitive information about you, such as event timestamps, a log of connected devices and visited website URLs that an outsider can access.

Case in point: Recently, researchers bought 18 used routers and found more than half contained confidential and sensitive intel from the businesses that once used them.

A jaded lover could hack into an internet router in several ways, but has provided tips that will block their advances.

The internet router in the corner of your home stores confidential and sensitive information about you, such as event timestamps, a log of connected devices and visited website URLs that an outsider can access

 The keys to the castle

So many people forget about just how much info someone has if they know the login to your router. Theoretically, they can see what you do online and what devices are connected.

That’s just plain dangerous. It allows anyone with access to see if you’re home and using the internet from your phone, for example.

If you’re concerned that someone is accessing your devices or knows too much about your life, a simple solution is getting a new router.

In the meantime, reset the default password on your existing model as soon as possible. Not sure how?

How to reset your router password

You need to access your router’s admin page. For that, you need the device’s IP address and admin password. These details may be printed on the bottom of your router, written in the user guide for your router brand or available online.

Once you log in, you can change your password. If you have trouble, call up your internet service provider.

Experts are urging people to wipe their routers after a breakup to keep a jaded lover from accessing their confidential information 

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While on the admin page, go a step further and make sure your firmware is up to date. 

Newer routers can download them automatically, and nearly every router has options to update the firmware manually, so if it’s not an automatic process, you’ll need to check for them every three months.

Find a section called ‘Advanced’ or ‘Management’ to look for firmware updates. Download any updates. If an option in your router’s settings enables automatic updates, turn it on.

Selling your router? Or tossing it out?

You need to wipe out your details, just like you would with your old phone, tablet or computer. Even your printer and the smart speaker should be reset back to factory settings.

● Make sure your router is plugged in and turned on.

● Find the reset button (usually inside a tiny hole on the back).

● Insert a paperclip into the hole to hold down the button for at least 15 seconds.

● Release the button and wait for your router to power back on.

How to check your network for devices

Back in the day, you could only see what was on your network by logging in to your router using a browser. That still works (more on that below), but most wireless providers let you do this via an app now.

Go to your provider’s website to find the official app, add it to your smartphone, then log in with your ISP’s credentials.

Another method is to log into your router to see the most up-to-date information about which devices are connected.

● Sign into your router’s admin page using the steps above.

● Once you’re in, check for a list that says DHCP Client or Connected Devices. From there, you’ll see a list of devices currently using your network.

See something you don’t recognize? Change your Wi-Fi password and reconnect only the devices you trust.

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