The Uma are back and better than ever, as Dan, Pip, Ben and Rory have recently released their track Enemy which has since become a viral track on TikTok, raking in thousands of views.

Based in Shropshire, the rising stars quartet are frequently played on BBC Radio Shropshire and have gained thousands of fans and even supported the likes of Counterfeit.

Now, singer Pip and guitarist Dan have opened up about their newfound success as well as some of their craziest nights on the road.

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Speaking to the Daily Star about being played on BBC Radio One, Pip said: "We haven't got radio bookers or anything, we were hoping that BBC Introducing would be our in, they've been amazing and really supportive.

"The fact that Nels Hylton picked up Red Light, I tagged him in a TikTok on the off chance that he'd see it, I didn't go in with strong hopes because you never know who's going to see what on TikTok.

"The next thing I know, he's following us on Instagram and he loved Red Light and he loved Enemy but Red Light is his favourite then we got played on Future Alternative, which was like 3am but being on BBC Radio One at any time is amazing.

"We caught up with him before the heavy music awards and he's the nicest guy in the world.

"He messaged us like 'I'm playing you guys tonight on the Indie show', it was a complete shock, 9pm on Radio One, a lot of people are listening to that."

Dan added: "It's the song that we expected less from, we wrote it in about two hours, we were recording and producing another song, I kind of spat my dummy out of the pram because I didn't like it.

"We had to frantically write something else and that seems to be the song that's got the most interest."

Reflecting on touring, Pip said: "We played Scotland and we were in this bar, we'd all had a few drinks, Dan and Ben told somebody we were Led Zeppelin, they believed it, I don't know how."

Dan laughed: "I kept pinching lemons from behind the bar, I had a load of lemons, I was putting them in people's drinks.

"We tried to get into this place and this doorman was being really rude and so we left and I was throwing a lemon."

"It was like a scene from Mrs. Doubtfire," laughed Pip.


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