There comes a time in every woman’s week where they Google “designer handbag sale” in the hopes of finding an expensive bag for a miraculously low price. Often, this search leads to disappointment and contemplating whether or not to max out a credit card. Please, don’t be rash. I’ve been there too but I’ve come out stronger than ever and now am here to spread the good news: You can shop Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, and Kate Spade handbags for more than 60 percent off at Nordstrom Rack. 

And these aren’t some rinky dink throwaway bags featured in this huge sale. They’re verified designer purses in pristine condition, and they look absolutely fantastic. Whether you’re in the market for a Mother’s Day present for your mom (or yourself, you deserve it), or a pick-me-up gift for no reason at all, this sale is perfect for the occasion. There are bags up to $258 off, and you can shop large leather totes for under $200 and smaller crossbody purses for under $100. 

You’ll find popular Kate Spade satchels and crossbody bags that are perfect for taking along on errands or vacations (the Sawyer Street crossbody is so dainty and comes in five color options). Classic Michael Kors tote bags are available, too, and these commuter bags can basically fit your entire life inside — without looking like a clunky mess.

Along with wear-anywhere neutral-toned bags, there are some eye-catching colorful options begging to be taken out on warm-weather adventures. Marc Jacobs’ posh purses can bring attitude and attention to any look, especially when you’re shopping colors like lemon, teal, and conch.  Kate Spade’s Cobble Hill leather satchel comes in a warm blue that looks like a perfect spring day (plus, it’s $258 off). 

Do your arms and yourselves a favor and shop this huge designer handbag sale. Below, you’ll see some of our top picks: 

Kate Spade Sawyer Street Declan Leather Crossbody Bag

Shop now: $80 (Originally $248);

Michael Kors Jet Set Medium Travel Tote Bag

Shop now: $130 (Originally $268);

Marc Jacobs Supple Leather Tote Bag

Shop now: $185 (Originally $395);

Michael Kors Leather Pocket Swing Crossbody Bag

Shop now: $94 (Originally $248);

Kate Spade Cobble Hill Andee Leather Satchel

Shop now: $170 (Originally $428);

Marc Jacobs Playback Leather Crossbody Bag

Shop now: $125 (Originally $250);

Kate Spade Small Leather Satchel

Shop now: $165 (Originally $329);

Marc Jacobs Sidekick Colorblock Tote Bag

Shop now: $160 (Originally $325);

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