2020 just keeps getting more chaotic by the minute. This year has given us a world-altering pandemic, high-profile deaths, and a slew of unconfirmed pregnancies, one of which is causing even more wild rumors. Tyler Cameron had to deny fathering Gigi Hadid’s baby, even though the news of her pregnancy hasn’t even been officially confirmed yet. It’s just further proof that 2020 is absolute chaos.

The Bachelorette alum reportedly dated Hadid for a few months through summer 2019, before splitting up that October. On April 28, it was reported that Hadid and boyfriend Zayn Malik, whom she reunited with in December 2019, were expecting their first child. Neither of them have commented on the rumors, but Cameron has already been forced to deny speculation about him and Hadid because of pressing fans.

On Wednesday, as per E! News, Cameron posted a video of his workout on his Instagram Stories. Toward the end, he read out some comments from followers, one of whom congratulated him on his new arrival, saying, "Congrats on becoming the father. Gigi is preg." He then awkwardly dismissed the speculation. "Y’all are wrong in the comments," he said. "Y’all are terrible." When a friend asked him what they were saying, he only replied, "I’ll tell you later." Needless to say, he doesn’t sound pleased about having to address this.

Hadid and Cameron were relatively quiet about their relationship while dating. After they parted ways, Cameron only had good things to say about her in an interview with PEOPLE. "She’s someone that I have a lot of respect for and think highly of," he said. "I took it as I met a great person, a great friend. It wasn’t like a bad breakup or anything like that. It was just, we’re at different parts of our lives right now."

Hadid reunited with on-again, off-again boyfriend Malik back in December, according to a snapshot she posted on her Gisposable Instagram page. So the notion that Cameron is the father of Hadid’s baby, of a child that may or may not even be coming, is pretty out there. In other words: it’s the most 2020 piece of gossip there ever was.

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