Inside millionaire’s forgotten mansion: Urban explorer reveals abandoned home of mysterious Greek tycoon who fled lavish UK property six years ago and never returned

  • The mansion was abandoned in 2017 when the owner is rumoured to have fled

A mansion of a mystery Greek millionaire, who fled in the middle of the night six years ago, has been left ruined by trespassers.

Images from an urban explorer show the lavish home covered in spray paint graffiti with items strewn across every room, while clothes of the previous occupants can be seen still hanging up.

The mansion was owned by a Greek real-estate tycoon Athanasios Tachmintzis, 73, known locally by his nickname ‘Thanos’, he lived there with his wife and their children for many years.

Father-of-five Mr Tachmintzis, who has owned the property since 1999, lived there for almost two decades with his two daughters and at least one of his three sons, but it is unclear who was at the house when it was abandoned and left frozen in time.

But, one night in 2017 unexpectedly Mr Tachmintzis fled his mansion leaving behind all of his belongings.

A mystery Greek millionaire is said to have inexplicably fled his lavish Hertfordshire home in 2017 and has never returned

Images of the lavish home show it covered in spray painted graffiti with items strewn across every room

The mansion was owned by a Greek real-estate tycoon Athanasios Tachmintzis, 73, known locally by his nickname ‘Thanos’

Since the house was abandoned, it has been ruined by trespassers who have rummaged through all the left behind items

Mass looting and vandalism has occurred over the last few years at the property

The house has a jacuzzi which is full of an assortment of belongings and rubbish

Despite rumours one of the sons had remained in the mansion, it has been left in a bad state.

It has been uninhabited for six years and the damage is beginning to show on this beautiful mansion.

On the front drive, a number of rusting cars can be seen on the driveway including a Bentley. 

These images were captured by urban explorer Daniel Sims, 34, known online as Bearded Reality.

Daniel photographed the mansion in Hertfordshire, England on his Samsung Galaxy s21 Ultra.

‘The abandoned mansion was owned by a Greek property tycoon. It was said the owner led such a mysterious life that no-one was sure what he did for work – despite seeing wads of cash at his lavish home,’ said Daniel.

‘Thanos reportedly enjoyed a millionaire’s lifestyle from his ‘property’ investments which meant they never saw him going out to work, his family claimed.

‘He was married for 32 years before his wife sadly died of cancer in 2004. The couple shared five children.

‘Thanos was reportedly so concerned about security at the expensive home that he once had guards on the gate and kept Dobermans for protection.

‘But when he left the house, he doesn’t appear to have made any preparations to protect his belongings.

Villagers told how father-of-five Athanasios Tachmintzis, 70, lived for around 18 years in the imposing house near King’s Langley, Hertfordshire, before he disappeared suddenly more than three-years-ago. Pictured: An old Bentley by the house

The mansion (pictured) was left abandoned with plates still in the dishwasher and a Bentley on the driveway and was home to the Greek property millionaire

A living area is covered in debris and obscure graffiti is seen on a number of walls

A hallway shows a lack of floorboards in the mansion and highlight the property’s derelict state

Tea pots and mugs have surprisingly not been smashed but covered in blue spray paint

A messy bedroom shows some clothes have still been left on hangers

The mansion has been abandoned roughly since 2017 when the owner and his daughters ‘fled in the middle of the night’ 

A chair is seen covered in a thick layer of dust after sitting there for several years 

Wallpaper can be seen peeling off the walls, while dirt and dust covers the stairs

A number of designer clothes were left in the mansion when it was abandoned

‘Rumours that a son of the millionaire returned to protect the mansion and do work on it were circulated, however it seems that this was not true, maybe to stop people going to the mansion.

‘We went through the back of the woods which leads straight to the mansion and found that the side doors were wide open leading to full access to the mansion.

‘It was quite a chilled time at the mansion and was super shocking to see the state of the place. The damage was shocking.

‘The outside of the mansion is stunning sitting on some beautiful grounds, however once you get inside the mansion and you see the damage to what was a grand home it is crazy to see.

‘Quite a lot of valuable items and designer clothes still remain left there but you can see mass looting and vandalism has occurred over the last few years.

‘The mansion has been abandoned roughly since 2017 when the owner and his daughters fled in the middle of the night no one seems to know why.

‘It was amazing to see the size of the place and all the rooms left behind with expensive items and clothes even found a dildo in the main master bedroom which gave us a chuckle.

‘The bathroom in the master is amazing and you could tell that a lot of money went into the place.’

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