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Ever wondered what song would save you from the evil clutches of Vecna in Stranger Things? Spotify now has the answer. 

If you’re a Stranger Things fan, you’ll no doubt agree that the events of the past couple of months have more than made up for the two-year wait for season four. Not only did the first part of the season, which premiered in May with a seven-episode drop, gift us some of the most compelling television of recent times, but it made us all obsessed with the music of the 80s. In particular, musical legend Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill.

In a powerful scene that has easily become the standout moment of season four, Max (Sadie Sink) is drawn into the Mind Lair of the season’s new antagonist, the monstrous Vecna. Back on the outside, her friends realise they can communicate with her through music and play Max’s favourite song, Running Up That Hill, to help her escape the Upside Down. And in the real world, the song became a streaming sensation, earning Kate Bush a whole new generation of fans.

Happily, Spotify is on hand to solve the mystery. To coincide with the finale episodes of the fourth season, which are released today on Netflix, the music streaming platform has joined forces with Stranger Things to help users find the song that would help users escape Vecna’s evil clutches.

Launching just in time for our Netflix marathon this weekend, Spotify’s new Upside Down Playlist curates a personalised collection of 50 songs that would help you make an epic Hawkins-style getaway.

According to Spotify, “The Upside Down Playlist takes some of your favourite songs and mixes them with a handful of Stranger Things classics to create a vibe strong enough to ward off Hawkins’ most fearsome foe.” 

The very first song that comes up on your playlist, however, is your saviour song, which has been cleverly identified by Spotify’s algorithm. In other words, the equivalent of Running Up That Hill that may save your life.

You won’t feel like you’re stuck in a time loop listening to the playlist, though, because the collection updates automatically each day. 

While you’re immersing yourself in the season four finale of the sci-fi horror series, you’ll now also be able to listen to new songs from the final two episodes on the Stranger Things official playlist. The playlist currently features Psycho Killer and I Was a Teenage Werewolf alongside Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill.

So, grab your headphones, pull on your bomber jacket and get ready for a musical adventure. It’s gonna be one helluva ride.

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