Wayne Lineker is no stranger to a bit of controversy, having stirred up lots across his career.

The 59-year-old younger brother of Gary Lineker is known for his extravagant lifestyle, full of scantily clad women and partying.

The millionaire club owner is famous for owning Lineker’s bars and Ibiza's O Beach Ibiza, which is a popular hotspot for celebrities.

It is well known that Wayne has a penchant for dating younger women, and has four children from three different mothers.

His reputation has caused him to get plenty of criticism on social media but he hasn’t let that stop him saying: “I get a lot of stick on Twitter that I should hang up my boots but I don’t agree.

“I’ve got a really amazing life and I don’t want it to stop. I probably have the best job in the world — if you can even call it that.”

Here at Daily Star we’ve rounded up his most controversial moments to celebrate the star’s 59th birthday.

Advert for girlfriend

Wayne garnered a lot of criticism after he posted an advert seeking a girlfriend with a long list of requirements.

Alongside a photo of himself he wrote that he did not want anyone his age “as that would just look weird” or anyone that had any “baggage”.

He also insisted that the young lady in question knew how to cook and was willing to give up her career.

He penned: “You must like older men but only me…You have to be a worldie and above 30 (Ok 28 29 could work) but not my age as that would just look weird.”

Wayne continued: “You must love the gym, health food and have body definition as I will have soon,” and said in return he would get them verified on social media.

He finished: "One last thing. Your geography needs to be on point as girls that think Lincoln is in Wales is not good. Be intelligent but not boring. Outgoing suits.”

Despite saying the post was “purely tongue in cheek banter” the club owner was slammed in the comments by his followers with one calling the post the “worst thing I've ever read".

Another said: “Who on earth would want to be with you after writing that?"

Dating girls over 30

While on Celebs Go Dating, viewers were shocked to see Wayne make the surprising revelation that he had never dated a woman over the age of 30.

Wayne hit it off with one of the contestants named Carla but he later revealed he worried that the beautiful brunette was too old for him.

He declared that the 31-year-old was "older than the girls he usually goes for”, despite him being 27 years older.

Speaking to Tom Zanetti, he said: "She's 31… I've never been out with a girl above 30 in my life."

Viewers took to Twitter to voice their shock at the confession, with one stating: “I'm sorry Wayne but the 39 year old is too young for you too. 20 year age gap."

Another said: "Wayne Lineker, aged 58 said of his date – 'she's 31, so a bit older than the girls I usually go for' f***s sake.”

Sex confession

Love Island fans were left lost for words after Wayne made as shock sex confession on Instagram in 2019.

He was responding to a comment from Geordie Shore star Scotty T about girls showing up to his outdoor club Ocean beach wearing Love Island memorabilia.

Scotty tweeted: “Gunna be plenty of girls at Ocean Beach this year wearing Love Island sunglasses trying to get f*****ed by Wayne Lineker, Love Island shop f*** off."

Screenshotting the post for his followers, Wayne captioned it: "Not f*****ed a girl since I was 14 behind the bike sheds at school. #dontbelievethehype.”

Fans went straight to the comments to voice their shock at the dirty admission.

One wrote: “Oh my god really?!”

“I can’t cope,” exclaimed another.

“No words,” voiced a third.

Pushing girls into pool

He was branded a “creep” by viewers after he posted a video that caused quite a bit of controversy last year.

Wayne filmed himself picking a date from a group of women clad in swimwear, pushing each one he rejected into a swimming pool.

He captioned the video: “Last doll standing gets a date with me! Not sure if they wanted pushing in or not.”

The silver fox was met with a flurry of criticism from viewers who called his behaviour “gross” and “nauseating”.

Commonwealth champion Stacey Copeland joined in to say: “Watching this video Wayne Lineker posted of himself choosing which ‘dream doll’ he’d be taking on a date, what does it make you think or feel?

“It makes me think that I’m glad I speak up on gender equality for both genders, because we can all do better than this. Your thoughts?”

However, Wayne proved unbothered by the backlash, hitting back: “I’m still here and going nowhere. I was trending No1 in the Uk on twitter yesterday with 75% love and 25% hate. But it was the hate that sparked the trending. It’s the 75 that I care about, the rest of you mean absolutely nothing to me and never will so hate all you like.”

‘Engagement’ to Chloe Ferry

Wayne posted a snap of him and Chloe wearing massive diamond ring on her finger with the caption “she said yes”, leading fans to believe the pair had become engaged.

Many people reacted with shock to the announcement but others responded with abuse with some labelling the club owner as a “paedophile” – despite Chloe being 25.

Chloe rushed to the defence of the star on her Instagram Story saying he “does not deserve the abuse and awful words” that were being spread about him.

She added: “Paedophile is such a strong word to call someone it is absolutely disgusting that he is getting called that when all his friends and family have to read that about him.

"A lot of people don’t realise how seeing these comments can really sit with you as a person.”

The whole engagement soon proved to be a practical joke, and Wayne remains single.

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