A WOMAN'S strange technique to sleeping on planes has gone viral – with many passengers calling it 'genius'.

TikTok user Kristen, who often shares her own life hacks and tricks, explained the item she now uses to get some shut-eye during a flight.

She told her 315k followers: "I came up with one of the best ideas of my life.

"I have purchased five different travel neck pillows and they all suck. I wished something would hold my neck in place, something like a neck brace.

"And I had an epiphany – why not just buy a neck brace?"

She then explained that she "doesn't care" how she looks if travelling on long flights, adding if you buy it in black and cover it with a scarf, people won't even be able to tell.

She added: "When you lay back, you neck isn't going anywhere."

Despite being a strange option instead of a travel pillow, many TikTok users called her a "genius".

The video has been liked more than 12,000 times, with one person commenting: "Best idea ever! Avid traveller here and it's a great idea."

Another added: "Omg thank you, I travel a lot and this will help me so much."

One person also said: "I discovered this a few years ago, it's amazing."

However, others pointed out that she may have been wearing the travel pillows incorrectly, with the gap meant to go at the back of your neck instead of at the front.

Despite this, Kristen said all her pillows were too soft for her to lean her head on.

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