One of the NXT wrestlers recently released by WWE revealed he was in a car crash that led to him flying through the windshield and with a hole in the back of his head prior to being let go by the company last week.

Dan Matha, who wrestled under the name Dorian Mak with NXT, posted photos on social media of his totaled car and his injuries on Sunday. He called the world being shut down by the coronavirus pandemic, the crash and him losing his job a “WILD 21 days.”

Boy do I have a crazy ass story to tell u,” wrote the 31-year-old Matha, who had wrestled in a tag team with future WWE 24/7 champion Riddick Moss. “From the world getting locked down to getting ejected through my car window and then being released by WWE.”

The photos he posted show him in a bed with the gauze behind him bloody from the hole in the back of his head – the one another photo shows all closed up. Another shot is of his gray car. You can see the hole in the windshield by the driver’s side and the whole front end missing.

Matha, who joined NXT in 2016, was part of massive talent layoffs and employee furloughs by WWE last week due to the economic impact of coronavirus. He said he wants to continue wrestling during an Instagram live session.

“Five years, blood, sweat, and tears to be a great entertainer, okay?” he said. “And I’m not just going to throw that by the wayside. I’m going to look for somebody who is looking for a young, hungry, driven, ambitious man that has something to offer the world. I think that they’re out there. I think that there’s plenty of people out there. It’s unfortunate that the WWE didn’t think the same things about me that I think about myself, but I know that there’s other people out there that think those things of me.”

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