How’s your work life going? Whether it’s nonexistent, terrible, or actually decent, things are starting to look up this month. A cazimi Mercury (AKA when Mercury is in the exact same place in the sky as the Sun, from our POV on Earth) occurs on May 4. Since Mercury rules communication, and this is happening in your chart’s career zone, make sure you double check your emails and voicemails—a job offer or important networking email might be hiding in your spam folder.

Venus Retrograde begins on May 13, in the sign of Gemini. FYI, Venus rules relationships, and retrogrades signify a time where everything feels upside-down and backwards, so this 40-day transit is stirring up aaaaalllllll the drama with your squad. It isn’t impacting your love life too much (thank the stars!) but as far as your social life goes, there’s a lot of shady activity happening. Try to focus on the professional realm and avoid any conflict that may pop up.

On May 20, Gemini Season starts, and this super social air sign’s vibes are honing in on your social life. On the same day, Venus forms a harsh square to Neptune, planet of mysteries and deceit, so it looks like you’re focusing on your friendships because there’s even more drama getting stirred up. Somebody’s been talking sh*t behind your back, and May 20 is the day you’re most likely to hear about it. That means that now’s a time to be picky about who you trust, especially who you vent to or share secrets with. Otherwise, you might find that there’s loads of rumors and gossip about you popping up.

Just a couple of days later, on May 22, Mercury and Venus (which is still retrograde, BTW) run into each other, offering a moment of clarity and enabling you to find out exactly who is talking smack. As much as you want to roar, get your claws out, and start throwing hands at this person, try to reel it in, little lion. Just talking it out is the best option. Get a neutral third party, somebody else in your crew perhaps, to mediate the conversation, and you’re likely to come to a mutual understanding with the other person. Your friendship will prob stay intact, thanks to the Sun’s harmonizing connection to Saturn, the planet of structure and responsibility, also occurring on May 22. Needless to say, it’s a very, very busy month for you, Leo, but at the very end of May, on May 28, Mercury zooms into the quiet, introverted sign Cancer, giving you a much-needed cat nap and the opportunity to just do your own thing and chill.

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