Alex Cooper to host ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast without Sofia Franklyn amid drama

She’s a single father now.

“Call Her Daddy” co-host Alexandra Cooper took to YouTube late Friday night, announcing that she signed a solo deal with Barstool Sports to resume her smutty podcast and to tell her side of the split from her partner Sofia Franklyn.

Cooper, 26, said Franklyn, 28, allowed her beau HBO Sports executive Peter Nelson and his “posse” of agents and lawyers to interfere in their business and come between the one-time best friends.

The pair, who were originally squaring off with Barstool before turning on each other, haven’t recorded a podcast since early April.

“I am so f–king excited to get the show back on the air and continue to talk about the blow jobs and sh–ty one night stands,” Cooper said in her YouTube diatribe.

“The excitement I have, I wish Sofia had that day on [Barstool founder] Dave’s [Portnoy] rooftop,” she said of the now infamous meeting where Portnoy offered Cooper and Franklyn a sweetheart deal that would guarantee them a $500K base, plus incentives, and give them the “Call Her Daddy” intellectual property (IP).

“I’ll see you f–kers on Wednesday,” she said at the end of her clip.

In the 30 minute video, Cooper said the in-fighting started as they began renegotiating the second year of their three-year contract with Barstool Sports. During the first year with the sports media behemoth, Cooper made $506,000 and Franklyn received $461,000, according to Portnoy.

But the blonde said Nelson kept chirping that they made well below the industry standard. (Franklyn and Nelson have not responded to The Post’s requests for comment.) Cooper also alleges that the 38-year-old Nelson then took the lead, drafting a list of demands the women sought from Barstool, which included a guarantee of $1 million each, a bigger piece of their merchandise revenue and giving them the intellectual property rights.

“Dave Portnoy told us to go f–k ourselves in every single hole possible. It was awful . . . the document essentially pissed Dave off so much.”

According to Cooper, that’s where the talks stopped and when Nelson started shopping them around to other media companies.

The co-hosts then met Portnoy on his roof-deck saying they both went in with different goals. To Franklyn it was a courtesy meeting to let Portnoy know they were leaving while Cooper said she went in with an open mind. That’s when Portnoy extended the deal, which he said would have netted them millions.

“He offered what I consider the world,” Cooper said. But she claims her co-host felt differently. At the meeting, “I can tell Sofia is not matching my level of excitement. I wanted to shake Dave’s hand right on the rooftop,” said Cooper, who added that they walked home in silence, and they didn’t respond to Portnoy for a few days.

In that time, which Cooper calls, “the ghost period,” she said she was attempting to appease Franklyn’s ever changing demands. During a painful two hour phone call, their divergent paths became clear.

“Alex, I hate this deal. What it comes down to is: you don’t want to leave, and I don’t want to stay,” Cooper recalled Franklyn saying. “Sofia said, ‘the IP is the most important thing, but it’s not as important to me as it is to you. You think the IP is the end-all-be-all but I feel differently about that’ . . . We agreed that we valued the brand in a very different way.”

That’s when Cooper believes Franklyn wanted to sabotage everything. She suddenly had more representatives including Ben Davis, a hot shot agent at William Morris Endeavor, and other attorneys who kept moving the goal posts further away from Portnoy’s original offer.

“These people are never going to be f–king happy. This is all about money,” said Cooper, adding that no one on Franklyn’s side seemed to care about one another other than greenbacks.

According to Cooper, Franklyn kept saying that Barstool was “desperate” to get them back and kept asking for more.

That’s when Cooper called Portnoy, got her own representation that “Peter Nelson did not pick for me” and started hashing out a deal to return.

She also seemed to respond to Franklyn’s allegation that Cooper stabbed her in the back. Cooper admitted to landing a raise independently of Franklyn in the first year because she simply did more work including editing the podcast and handling the marketing and social media.

“I chose not to share this raise with Sofia. I chose to do that because Sofia made me feel uncomfortable that I did more work,” said Cooper.

This announcement caps off the salacious saga which Portney said, “In my 17 years of doing this, I have never dealt with anyone as unprofessional and disloyal and greedy as [the two women].”

On Instagram, Portnoy confirmed Cooper’s news, saying he doesn’t hate Sofia but couldn’t resist one last dig at Nelson.

“It’s all now back to Alex Cooper and Peter Nelson go f–k yourself, you f–k.”

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Why Anderson Cooper Will Never Leave CNN No Matter How Much Money Another Network Offers Him

Anderson Cooper is still doing the news every day during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. He’s even going into the CNN studio for broadcasts and interviews. When he’s home, he gives interviews to the likes of Stephen Colbert via video chat. 

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Cooper appeared on The Howard Stern Show on May 12. Stern asked Cooper what it would take to get him to leave CNN, and Cooper said nothing because he won’t leave. Anderon Cooper 360 airs nightly at 8 p.m. on CNN.

Anderson Cooper still has at least two years on his CNN contract

This conversation is all hypothetical right now. Cooper is under contract with CNN for at least two more years. Cooper became a CNN anchor in 2001 after 9/11. Prior to that he’d been an anchor for ABC, and host of the reality TV competition The Mole.

“I don’t know that anyone wants a contract to be up during a global pandemic, by the way,” Cooper told Stern. “I got a couple years. I’m very happy. I’m very lucky.”

Anderson Cooper wouldn’t leave CNN for double the money

CNN reportedly pays Cooper $12 million per year. That leaves another $24 million on his current contract, and a potential renewal at at least the same rate. Should a rival network offer him $24 million per year, Cooper still wouldn’t take it. 

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“No, I would not,” Cooper said. “I’m very happy. I’m very happy. First of all, no one’s going to double my salary. I’m able to work at 60 Minutes. I’m able to work at CNN.”

No one else does what CNN and ‘60 Minutes’ do

Cooper joined the 60 Minutes team in 2007, but it’s not just moonlighting for the legendary news magazine show that earns CNN his loyalty. Cooper does a lot of on location reporting, from Hurricane Katrina to war zone coverage. He does not believe another network, even MSNBC, would allow him as many opportunities.

“MSNBC doesn’t have people traveling around the world,” Cooper said. “A lot of people are thinking about a lot of stuff but they’re not doing it. CNN is doing it and that’s what I’d like to do.”

Anderson Cooper doesn’t need the money either

$12 million is far more than most people’s salaries, so Cooper is pretty well set for life. He’s also reportedly very frugal with that money. Plus, he stands to inherit his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt’s estate, which could range from $1.5 – 2 million. Cooper said she never cared about money either, and she inherited a railroad fortune plus made her own in modeling and fashion.

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“I am my mother’s son,” Cooper said. “Money is not my thing. I wish it was. My mom lived a big life and made a lot of money, spent a lot of money, had people embezzle money. She wasn’t interested in money. I know people would imagine that’s what she was interested in. She had no sense of it. She cared about being generous to her friends and having a nice physical environment and creating art.”

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Anderson Cooper & 26 Other Celebrities Who Had Kids Using a Surrogate

What do Anderson Cooper, Kim Kardashian, Nicole Kidman and Dwyane Wade all have in common? Well, for one thing they’re super glam celebs whose lives we’d love to borrow any day. But that wasn’t the quiz answer. Surprise! These stars also all went the surrogate route to have kids — along with plenty of other members of the glitterati. Honestly, celebrities having babies via surrogate may be way more common than you’d expect.

The reasons that celebrities — just like, you know, all other human people — turn to surrogacy are varied, whether they’re same-sex couples, single parents, or struggling with infertility…or a myriad of other reasons. And plenty of stars (including Amy Smart and Elizabeth Banks, for example) speak openly about their choice to use a surrogate, seeing the discussion as an opportunity to share their years of fertility struggles in hopes that their stories will help other families.

Kim Kardashian West is another high-profile mom who’s candid about her choice to use a surrogate to have two of her kids. “I love my surrogate, we have a really good relationship,” she told Entertainment Tonight in April 2018 of the surrogate who gave birth to baby Psalm. “I really trust her and I definitely see, like, the first time that I went through it, I was a little bit more anxious, and texting more and calling more, and I feel like my surrogate this time around, really is such a protecting person and I really trust that in her.”

We love to see stars who are unafraid to get candid about the many ways it’s possible to grow your family, and how they made their decisions. Ahead are 26 celebs who had kids through surrogacy, and what they’ve had to say about the process.

A version of this article was originally published in June 2017.

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