Dominic Cummings' wife described how he 'collapsed and had spasms'

Dominic Cummings’ wife described how he ‘collapsed and had spasms’ during family’s coronavirus isolation – but failed to mention that they had broken lockdown to travel from London to Durham

  • Dominic Cummings’ wife Mary Wakefield wrote an account of coronavirus ordeal
  • She described how No10 chief ‘collapsed’ and had spasms as he was bedridden 
  • But she did not mention that family had relocated to Durham during isolation
  • Revealed their son nursed Mr Cummings despite claim they went for childcare  
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Dominic Cummings’ wife gave a detailed account of the family’s coronavirus ordeal – but failed to mention that they had broken lockdown to travel from London to Durham.

Journalist Mary Wakefield revealed that No10 chief Mr Cummings, 48, spent 10 days bedridden after ‘collapsing’ and having ‘spasms’ with the disease at the end of March.

Despite claims that the couple travelled 260 miles so they could access childcare, the article Ms Wakefield wrote for the Spectator last month says he was nursed by their young son.

And it gave the strong sense that the family had remained in the capital, saying Mr Cummings had ‘rushed home’ when she first developed symptoms, and that they ’emerged from quarantine into the almost comical uncertainty of London lockdown’.

Mr Cummings with his wife Mary outside their London home last year, after he had begun working for Mr Johnson

March 23 Boris Johnson announces lockdown. 

March 27: On the same day the Prime Minister tests positive for coronavirus, his top aide is seen running across Downing Street to get home to his wife Mary Wakefield. 

She later wrote in The Spectator that Mr Cummings did ‘rush home’ to look after her when she developed symptoms. 

March 28 & 29: Mr Cummings develops symptoms of the disease over the weekend, Downing Street confirms, with Mrs Wakefield saying he felt ‘weird’. 

He reportedly collapsed before spending ten days bedridden with a high fever, spasms and breathlessness. 

March 31: The Government adviser was in Durham, according to the investigation, with police confirming they visited an individual who had travelled to the city from London to self-isolate.

April 5: Mr Cummings is allegedly spotted by a witness at the grounds of his parents’ home near Durham at 5.45pm with a child believed to be his son. The same evening Scotland’s chief medical officer Catherine Calderwood resigns for breaching lockdown rules for visiting her second home. 

April 14: The PM’s aide is photographed in Downing Street for the first time since recovering from coronavirus.

Boris Johnson was today warned he cannot stonewall demands to sack his right hand man for flouting lockdown rules by travelling to his parents’ Durham farm to self-isolate. 

He was spotted by a witness at the gate of the property, with Abba’s Dancing Queen playing loudly. 

The bombshell revelations sparked accusations of hypocrisy with Mr Cummings’ position branded ‘untenable’, and signs of disquiet among Tory MPs. 

Dorset police and crime commissioner Martyn Underhill warned this morning that the flagrant breach will be thrown in the face of officers as they tried to restrain sun-seeking visitors on what is expected to be a hot bank holiday weekend.   

In a defiant statement this morning, a No10 spokesman said he had not broken any guidelines with the 264-mile trip.

‘Owing to his wife being infected with suspected Coronavirus and the high likelihood that he would himself become unwell, it was essential for Dominic Cummings to ensure his young child could be properly cared for,’ the spokesman said. 

‘His sister and nieces had volunteered to help so he went to a house near to but separate from his extended family in case their help was needed. His sister shopped for the family and left everything outside. 

‘At no stage was he or his family spoken to by the police about this matter, as is being reported. His actions were in line with coronavirus guidelines. Mr Cummings believes he behaved reasonably and legally.’  

Allies pointed to a comment from deputy chief medical officer Jenny Harries on March 24, when she was asked what parents should do if both fall ill. ‘A small child is vulnerable. If adults cannot look after the child, that is an exceptional circumstance,’ Dr Harries said.  

Mr Cummings spend 14 days off work, twice the usual period of quarantine, sparking questions about his health. But No 10 throughout insisted he was ‘in contact’ with staff in Downing Street. 

Mr Cummings and Ms Wakefield married in 2011. Mary is a journalist for the Spectator and the daughter of Sir Humphry Tyrrell Wakefield, owner of Chillingham Castle and a friend of Prince Philip. 

In her account, Ms Wakefield said her husband ‘rushed home’ after she became ill. ‘But 24 hours later he said ”I feel weird”.’. 

‘Day in, day out for ten days he lay doggo with a high fever and spasms that made the muscles lump and twitch in his legs. He could breathe, but only in a limited, shallow way,’ she wrote.

‘After a week, we reached peak corona uncertainty. Day six is a turning point, I was told: that’s when you either get better or head for ICU. 

‘But was Dom fighting off the bug or was he heading for a ventilator? Who knew? I sat on his bed staring at his chest, trying to count his breaths per minute. 

‘The little oxygen reader we’d bought on Amazon indicated that he should be in hospital, but his lips weren’t blue and he could talk in full sentences, such as: ‘Please stop staring at my chest, sweetheart.’

Despite the suggestion that the couple had gone to Durham for childcare, Ms Wakefield said Ceddy, had ‘administered’ Ribena to Mr Cummings with the ‘grim insistence of a Broadmoor nurse’. 

‘This might be my only useful advice for other double-Covid parents or single mothers with pre-schoolers,’ she wrote. 

‘Get out the doctor’s kit and make it your child’s job to take your temperature. Any game that involves lying down is a good game.’ 

On the end of their ordeal, Ms Wakefield said they had emerged from quarantine into the ‘uncertainty of London lockdown’. 

‘After the uncertainty of the bug itself, we emerged from quarantine into the almost comical uncertainty of London lockdown. Everything and its opposite seems true. People are frightened and they’re calm; it’s spring and it’s not. Queueing’s a pain in the ass and the most fun you’ll have all day. 

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Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas Kiss in Steamy Music Video

Spotted! Ben Affleck and girlfriend Ana de Armas took their romance to the next level by appearing in a music video together.

Affleck, 47, and de Armas, 32, showed off their love as a part of Residente’s new sexy video for his song “Antes Que El Mundo Se Acabe,” which means, “Before the World Ends.”

“This video came out to keep us in company,” the rapper (whose real name is René Juan Pérez Joglar), 42, wrote via Instagram on Thursday, May 14. “We share the same fear because we have never faced a pandemic like this in these times, but a pandemic like this has never faced such a force of solidarity. Thanks to all of the kisses in all of the languages.”

The Puerto Rican musician added: “And if this is the end, we will find the beauty of it. But perhaps now is when it all begins.”

The video for the track showed the Good Will Hunting actor and the Knives Out actress sharing a steamy kiss in the California desert. The pair was one of many A-list couples featured in the film, which consists of duos from all over the world embracing and kissing.

“Instead of going back to normal, let’s start again,” the video reads before taking viewers from country to country — and linking people via romance.

Lovebirds from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Germany, Poland, Indonesia, Italy and more filmed themselves making out and were then added to the song’s video.

Zoe Saldana and her husband, Marco Perego, as well as Bad Bunny and his girlfriend, Gabriela Berlingeri made cameos.

Some viewers may recognize the clip of Affleck and de Armas from the pair’s recent trip to Joshua Tree National Park for the Cuban native’s birthday on April 30.

A source told Us Weekly exclusively on Thursday that the No Time to Die star’s celebratory getaway was made even better by all of the work Affleck put in at the time.

“Ben went over-the-top to make her happy and make her birthday with him be extremely special,” the insider told Us. “Ana feels like the luckiest girl to be with him.”

While on the trip, de Armas made her relationship with the Gone Girl actor Instagram official by sharing a photo similar to the one in the music video.

The pair met in November 2019 on the set of their movie, Deep Water, and once filming had wrapped, they vacationed together in Cuba and Costa Rica.

In March, a source told Us that “Ben and Ana are happy together and officially dating.”

Affleck was previously married to Jennifer Garner from 2005 to 2018. The two share daughters Violet, 14, and Seraphina, 11, and son Samuel, 8.

The Blade Runner 2049 star, for her part, was married to Marc Clotet from 2011 to 2013.

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Tour de France STILL set to go ahead, says France's sports minister

‘The Tour de France is not being called called into question’: Cycling’s biggest race is STILL set to go ahead, says France’s sports minister… even as they call off all events until September

  • A ban on all mass sporting events in France put. the Tour de France under threat
  • French Sports Minister Roxana Maracineau insisted the race could still happen
  • The football season is cancelled but the Tour could be altered to reduce crowds

The Tour de France has not been cancelled or called into question despite the French Prime Minister bringing an end to the football season on Tuesday.

French Sports Minister Roxana Maracineau looked to clarify the situation around the biggest race in cycling, which has already been rearranged to commence on August 29. 

‘The Tour de France is not called being called into question. There will be no large-scale events before September, but the Tour starting on August 29 could have some modifications,’ Maracineau said.  

The Tour de France, which is set to get underway on August 29, is still set to go on as planned

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said there will be no mass sporting events until September

Doubts had resurfaced over the likelihood the event could go ahead on its revised date following an announcement from government over large-scale events. 

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe declared a ban on major sporting events until September, ending the Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 football seasons, as well as appearing to cast doubt on the famous Tour de France. 

Earlier this month, cycling’s main race was postponed from June 27 to August 29 because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The Tour involves around 4,500 people – including cyclists, staff and security – and up to 12 million fans line the famous route.

Millions of people take to the streets for the Tour de France, but that may change this year

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the race, in its typical form, could fall foul of Philippe’s government guidelines but plans are being analysed to see if there is a need to alter the race to ensure it is not cancelled like the football season. 

Tour de France organisers have yet to respond to the news delivered by the Prime Minister but they now face the prospect of reducing crowd numbers to ensure the event still goes ahead at the end of August. 

One option to reduce the size of the event is to push the grand depart in Nice back until September 1 – with the Prime Minister citing that month as the earliest opportunity to re-introduce mass events. 

Race organisers, Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO), could then eliminate several stages that follow in the race to reduce the size of the event. ASO have been contacted by MailOnline for comment. 

France has had more than 130,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 23,660 deaths at the time of writing, making it the third-highest affected country in Europe behind Italy and Spain.  

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Michael Jordan once dragged Dennis Rodman out of Vegas bed as Carmen Electra hid

Anyone familiar with Dennis Rodman would be pleased to know he was just as eccentric as he is now — if not more — back in his playing days.

Sunday night’s episode of “The Last Dance,” ESPN’s docuseries about Michael Jordan and the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls, focuses heavily on Rodman, who was a key contributor to that team. He was especially crucial during the early portion of the season, when teammate Scottie Pippen was out with an injury.

But as the season wore on and Pippen returned, Rodman “became dramatic, drinking, partying and losing his connection with reality,” as Bulls writer Sam Smith said. He approached the team and said he needed a vacation, specifically to Vegas — which was met with skepticism.

“You let him go on vacation, we’re not going to see him,” Jordan said. “You let him go to Vegas, and we’re definitely not going to see him.”

The Bulls relented and allowed him to go, telling him he had 48 hours until he had to be back with the team. Footage shows Rodman drinking a beer and meeting a biker friend that night, as fans cheered from afar. Actress Carmen Electra, who was dating Rodman at the time, documented the wild nights that ensued.

“It was on, the party was starting right away,” Electra said. “We’d go to his favorite restaurant, then we’d go to a night club, then we’d go to after hours, it didn’t stop.

“It was definitely an occupational hazard to be Dennis’ girlfriend. He was wild.”

But two days later, Rodman had not returned. Meanwhile, the Bulls were in the midst of the season, trying to defend their NBA championship. After they didn’t hear from Rodman for several days, Jordan himself had to travel to Vegas to retrieve his eccentric teammate.

“He didn’t come back on time, we had to go get his ass out of bed,” Jordan said. “I’m not going to say what was in his bed, where he was, blah blah blah.”

“There was a knock on the door, it’s Michael Jordan, and I hid,” Electra said. “I didn’t want him to see me like that, so I’m just hiding behind the couch with covers over me. Come on, we got to get to practice.”

Somehow, when Rodman returned to practice, he hadn’t lost a single step physically. Bulls coach Phil Jackson forced the team to do conditioning workouts to get him back into game shape, but Rodman sprinted past everybody.

“The Last Dance” airs on ESPN Sunday nights at 9 p.m.

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T.I.’s Daughter Deyjah Harris Deletes Instagram Account After Revealing ‘Unhappy’ Childhood

The 18-year-old girl recently went candid on Instagram Stories about a past event that left her feeling traumatic, sparking concerns among fans that she might have been molested as a child.

AceShowbizT.I.‘s daughter Deyjah Harris has left people more concerned about her emotional state after she revealed that she had an unhappy childhood. The 18-year-old has shut down her Instagram account, just days after after she had a Q&A with her followers on the photo-sharing site.

Neither Deyjah nor her parents have given an explanation as to why she abruptly wanted to take some time off from social media. Her move comes a few days after she answered fans’ questions on the photo-sharing platform.

When someone asked her, “What is one thing you would tell your younger self,” Deyjah replied, “Not sound dramatic but… I’d tell her it’s not her fault, anything that happened to her, it’s not her fault. I’d tell her I’m sorry because I know she unhappy but I literally have no idea on how to make her happy.”

She continued, “I’d tell her no matter what, though, ain’t nobody else gonna hurt you they gone have to kill me to get you.” She went on cryptically sharing, “I’ll tell it one day. Rn isn’t the time. Not in today’s society, lmaooo smh.”

People were automatically speculating if she was either abused or molested as a child. “It sound like she was molested or abused as a child,” one said. “Somebody touched that girl. I pray it wasn’t her father who seems obsessed with virginity,” another speculated, while one other commented, “for starters she probably feel violated af.”

A fourth commenter weighed in, “I most definitely understand I’m praying for her peace and happiness to return. She’s so young.” Someone else wished the best for the youngster, “Prayers!! Say what you need to say baby!! You’re going be alright.”

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De Blasio blasts Trump for coronavirus aid: ‘Are you telling NYC to drop dead?’

Mayor Bill de Blasio blasted President Trump in a highly personal attack on Sunday — accusing him of abandoning the Big Apple and leaving it to “drop dead” without federal funding.

“I need a former New Yorker to step up — President Donald Trump,” Hizzoner said at a press briefing.

He called it a moment Trump “could actually help to save your hometown, or you can turn away and you can fail to protect New Yorkers.”

“And right now, you are failing to protect the very people who you grew up around,” de Blasio said in his tirade, saying the Big Apple gave Trump all the opportunities that made him so successful.

“When New York City’s in need, where are you?” he asked.

Accusing Republicans of failing to approve a stimulus deal, Hizzoner said, “Literally with a snap of his fingers Donald Trump could fix that. If he would just say the word, the Senate would jump.”

“So President Trump, what’s going on? Cat got your tongue?” he asked.

“Mr. Trump, Mr. President, Are you gonna save New York City, or are you telling New York City to drop dead? You have to speak up now,” he said.

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De Blasio warns of ‘dangerous’ NYC budget cuts without billions from feds

Mayor Bill de Blasio continued to rattle his beggar’s cup Saturday night, warning that without a few billion in federal dollars the city would “go broke.”

The coronavirus pandemic has punched a $7.4 billion hole in the city’s budget that only Congress and the Trump administration can patch, he said in a pair of cable news appearances.

Without the aid, the mayor said, the city would have to make “dangerous” cuts.

“It means all the things that people depend on in their lives — police, fire, sanitation, education — go down the list of all the things that makes any city, any town function,” the mayor said on MSNBC.

“If you’re missing $7 billion, I assure you, you have to stop — you have to start to cut that stuff back in ways that can be very dangerous.”

As Capitol Hill negotiates the next federal relief package, de Blasio slammed Trump for being “absolutely silent” on the economic crises facing American cities.

The mayor had on Thursday proposed a drastically-trimmed, $89.3 billion budget proposal.

But in addition to a cash injection, the city also needs a national testing plan if it is to safely end its lockdown, the mayor said minutes earlier on CNN.

“I want to restart the economy, too, but if New York City and cities all over the country don’t have testing we cannot restart,” the mayor said. “If we’re going broke and we can’t provide basic services for our people, we can’t restart.”

De Blasio described the early, slow response to the virus as a result of Trump’s failure to get increase testing capacity at the onset.

“Donald Trump blew it in January, in February, in March — he did not get us testing,” the mayor said. “If he had, it could have changed the entire course of this crisis.”

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45 NYC doormen and janitors dead from coronavirus, union says

The coronavirus not just plaguing first responders and medical workers — the deadly disease is also claiming the lives of other essential workers like doormen and janitors.

At least 58 service industry employees unionized under 32BJ SEIU have died due to COVID-19 across the country — with 45 of those deaths taking place in New York City, the union announced Thursday.

Of the 45 city deaths, 19 were from the union’s essential division, which includes doormen and women, supers and porters.

Many of the workers have been provided with little to no personal protective equipment like masks or gloves, according to the union.

“Essential workers — janitors, security officers, airport and residential workers — put their health and well-being on the line every day to keep NYC safe, secure and healthy,” said Kyle Bragg, President of 32BJ SEIU, in a statement. “While essential workers are keeping others safe, they and those close to them are getting sick and dying.”

Bragg is calling on the House of Representatives to pass legislation that includes economic relief and other protections for the typically low-wage workers tasked with keeping the city moving.

The union has proposed three measures for the next congressional bailout for its workers. The proposals include “essential pay” supported by the government to increase workers’ wages to 1.5 times their regular rates and guaranteed personal protective equipment.

It’s also asking for layoff protection for contracted workers.

“Now, after putting their lives on the line to protect others — thousands are facing layoffs — their livelihoods and access to health care are at risk,” Bragg said.

It was not immediately clear how much such measures would cost, though the union has gained support from the likes of Reps. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) and Nydia Velazquez (D-NY).

Congress passed a massive, $2 trillion emergency economic stimulus package late last month, which included individual checks to Americans and bailouts businesses, hospitals and local governments.

But a $350 billion small-business relief program included in the package to prevent layoffs during the coronavirus crisis ran out of money after two weeks.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office did not respond to a request for comment.

Both Democrats and Republicans appeared to be at a standoff this week over details in the next stimulus package.

“Small businesses, hospitals, frontline workers and state and local governments across the country are struggling to keep up with this national crisis,” Pelosi (D-Calif.) said on Monday in a joint statement with Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY). “They need more help from the federal government and they need it fast — our nurses, doctors and health care workers need it as much as anyone else.”

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