Fox News meteorologist blames New York governor Andrew Cuomo for coronavirus deaths of parents-in-law in nursing home – The Sun

A FOX News senior meteorologist who lost parents-in-law to the coronavirus has blamed New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for their deaths. 

Janice Dean spoke out after seeing Cuomo on CNN joking about his brother, Chris, needing a large cotton swab for a Covid-19 test because of his big nose.

It comes as Governor Cuomo has been on the defensive after a state directive requiring nursing homes to admit coronavirus patients is being blamed for thousands of deaths.

More than 4,300 New York patients who were confirmed or suspected to have coronavirus were discharged from hospitals straight to nursing homes. 

Dean, who appeared on Tucker Carlson’s prime time show, blasted the governor because both of her in-laws died at a nursing home in New York State.

She said that her mother and father-in-law, Michael and Dolores Newman, both died of the virus after they were exposed to the virus in nursing homes.

Her father-in-law, Michael, an Air Force veteran and former New York City firefighter, was placed in a nursing home after it became apparent he was suffering from dementia.

The fact that I am seeing, last night, him … making fun, inappropriate jokes and insensitive jokes, cruel jokes… it is not something to joke about

Dean said that she and her husband were notified a week before Michael’s death that the nursing home was moving him to another floor.

She said: "I believe that floor was used for recovering COVID patients.

"I can’t prove that. We can’t get any confirmation on any of this."

She said she was speaking out after watching a CNN interview in which anchor Chris Cuomo —  the governor's younger brother — failed to address the growing controversy and instead performed prop comedy with giant cotton swabs.

During Wednesday’s episode of Cuomo Prime Time the New York governor recounted how he was tested for coronavirus on live TV during his daily press briefing on Sunday.

This led his brother to joke he had a big nose and required a baseball bat-sized nasal swab for a test.

Dean said: "The fact that I am seeing, last night, him … making fun, inappropriate jokes and insensitive jokes, cruel jokes … make no mistake.

"I am glad that Chris Cuomo has recovered from Covid because he apparently did have it. 

"And I'm glad that their family is well, but my family is not well. And that is not something to joke about."

A state directive on March 25 said nursing homes could not refuse patients who had been discharged from hospitals with coronavirus 

The justification was that officials feared the hospital system would be overwhelmed and was focused on creating as much hospital space as possible.

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‘Prodigal Son’: Fox Renews Serial Killer Drama For Season 2

Expect more blood after Fox picked up serial killer thriller Prodigal Son for a second season.

The network is likely to air the second season of the series, which stars Michael Sheen and Tom Payne, in midseason, as a result of the COVID-19 production shutdown. The renewal comes after network unveiled its fall schedule last week and the renewal of The Resident and Last Man Standing earlier this week.

Prodigal Son, which was the season’s number two new scripted series after 9-1-1: Lone Star, follows Tom Payne’s Malcolm Bright, son of ‘The Surgeon’, played by Sheen, who as a child was responsible for enabling the police to arrest his father. He has not seen his father in ten years after joining Quantico. Now a profiler, formerly with the FBI, until he was fired, and currently consulting for the New York Police Department, Bright is forced to confront his father after a copycat serial killer uses Whitly’s methods of killing. He finds himself drawn back into constant contact with his father as he must both use Whitly’s insights to help the police solve particularly horrible crimes and battle his own inner demons.

The first season of the show, which also stars Bellamy Young, Lou Diamond Phillips, Halston Sage, Aurora Perrineau and Frank Harts, ends with Bright unravelling the mystery of the girl in the box in a gruesome finale, helped by his sister, played by Sage.

Speaking to Deadline about the season finale, creators and showrunners Chris Fedak and Sam Sklaver, who were “cautiously optimistic” about a renewal, said that if they were picked up, they would see more of the world through the eyes of Young’s Jessica, Diamond Phillips’ Gil and Sage’s Aisnley.

Sklaver said, “Everyone who is in Martin’s life, the idea at the core of this show is what if your father was a serial killer but I’m just as fascinated by the idea of what if your husband was a serial killer. So, I do think, we’re so blessed with Bellamy, Halston and Tom, this Whitly family, we can focus on so many aspects of them and we know that our actors can deliver with such high calibre, we can’t really do any wrong, hopefully.”

The pair also teased the idea of bringing in other guest actors in the villain role, as seen by Dermot Mulroney in season one. “We love the idea of bringing in actors and letting them explore these characters with us. Having great actors to play in our delightfully disturbing world is something that makes this show so fun to make,” Fedak said.

Prodigal Son is produced by Berlanti Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television and Fox Entertainment. Chris Fedak and Sam Sklaver created the show, and both are executive producers, showrunners and writers on the series. Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter and Adam Kane serve as executive producers. Lee Toland Krieger directed and executive-produced the pilot.

“From the moment Prodigal Son premiered, fans have been captivated by the astounding performances turned in by Tom Payne and Michael Sheen, as they go head-to-head in one of most unique family relationships on television,” said Michael Thorn, President, Entertainment, for Fox Entertainment. “Adding to these searing dynamics are the equally compelling portrayals from Bellamy Young, Lou Diamond Phillips, Halston Sage and the entire cast in a brilliant premiere season as told by Chris Fedak and Sam Sklaver.  We’d like to thank our friends Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter, and everyone at Warner Bros. Television for helping make a series that left everyone wanting more, and we’re thrilled to have Prodigal Son return for our 2020-21 slate.”

Watch a promo for season two below:

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The Masked Singer Season 3 Finalists Break Down Their Best Performances, Explain Cryptic Clues

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Wednesday’s Masked Singer finale.

Frog’s ease and comfort on The Masked Singer‘s stage might’ve looked effortless throughout Season 3, but that’s because the man inside the costume did a whole lot more than sit around and catch flies whenever he wasn’t performing.

“My whole vibe was to stand out. I didn’t want to come on there, standing in one spot, just singing,” says rapper and CSI: Cyber alum Shad “Bow Wow” Moss, who came in third on Wednesday’s season finale. “I watched everyone’s performance. I studied them. I’m like, ‘Yo, there’s a lot of slow ballads. There’s a lot of great, great singers with strong voices. But who is gonna be the person to get it going?’”

As revealed during the finale, Moss and Summerland/All My Children grad Jesse McCartney were runners-up to the season’s champ: Night Angel, aka Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Kandi Burruss. (Read a full recap here.) In separate interviews Wednesday, TVLine chatted with Moss and McCartney about their time on the zany singing competition.

TVLINE | Jesse, I have a friend who is one of your biggest fans from way back, and the first episode of The Masked Singer this season, she was like, “That is Jesse McCartney.” And as I was checking out her hunch on the Internet that first night, I learned she… is not alone.
MCCARTNEY | [Laughs] It seems like it’s really hard to keep it a secret from some of the fans that have been following me closely for many years — including my mother. My mom hit me up a couple episodes in. She’s like, “OK. I know your secret, and there’s no way you’re going to deny it.” [Laughs] That whole experience was just so interesting, having to keep it from everybody, including my own family. Ultimately, the hard-core fans, they knew who it was.

TVLINE | What did you say to your mom when she said, “I know it’s you”?
MCCARTNEY | I said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Look, my mom has been in the industry a long time. She knows how all this works. And she’s like, “OK, I’m guessing there’s probably an NDA. I won’t bother you about it again. But I just want you to know, I’m watching, and you’re doing a very good job. ” [Laughs]

TVLINE | That’s love: “I won’t make you violate your non-disclosure agreement.”

TVLINE | Bow Wow, I was shocked when you mentioned you’d never done choreography before. You moved so well. Talk to me about those first rehearsals working with a choreographer: Was there a steep learning curve?
MOSS | I remember arriving on set and vocals, and meeting everybody, and then they said “choreography” and I’m like, “OK, cool, I get to sit down and watch the dancers.” And it went from that to, “We thought for you to do it.” I’m like, “What?” [Laughs] I’m like, “This is going to be a little harder than I thought.” The whole thing with me was to meet in the middle. Anything that they designed, just find a way to make it my own. They worked really well with me and we made it to where everything was comfortable. They made me do things that I knew how to do really well, and I think that’s what’s important: To put somebody in a position to do something that they’d do great at anyway, then that person should shine. I was more interested in getting to learn everything and getting to do it because I’d never done it. That’s what made me really tap into it and learn these dance moves and go hard with it. I had fun.

TVLINE | You seemed to be the performer who was most able to tap into the energy of the crowd. Was there ever a time where you felt like that wasn’t a sure thing?
MOSS | I’m not gonna lie: There was never a time where I felt like I did not have them in the palm of my hand. I felt like I had them since Day 1. I knew. Because I know me, and I wanted my performances to represent who Bow Wow was, also the Frog, too. But I really wanted to showcase the energy. My whole vibe was a party… It’s a live audience, too. You want to feel some different type of energy in the room, and that was my whole key to me getting to the finals: Every time I go up there to be fun, have lots of energy and bring the party. That was the key to the Frog’s success, to bring the party. So there was never a doubt in my mind that I would lose the crowd or mess it up or anything. I was ready to go.

TVLINE | What do you think was your strongest performance this season?
MOSS | “Whatever It Takes” was my best one. I loved it. That was my joint. That was it. That was the one for me.
MCCARTNEY | I loved my arrangement of “Kissed By a Rose.” I loved the Seal song. It was one of my favorites to perform. In hindsight, I wish maybe I would’ve closed my whole show with that. It was one of my favorite songs growing up as a kid and actually was the first album I ever bought… I loved the Shawn Mendes song [“There’s Nothing Holding Me Back”] because it showed that I could move on stage really well and get the vocals out, which I thought gave me a leg up… and then “Fix You,” the Coldplay song, is just a nice moment.

TVLINE | Bow Wow, a lot of your clues mentioned your “tadpole.” Did your daughter, Shai, know you were the Frog?
MOSS | Yes, my daughter knew because she watched the show religiously before Dad was even on it. Aside from that, she knows my voice. She talks to me every single day. So she’s hearing this voice every day. It was a no-brainer for her. She called, and… she knew. She knew. All these videos of us dancing on Instagram that go viral, she knew. There was no hiding it. The good thing is that she doesn’t tell family business, so she did a good job at keeping everything locked. She had a chance to come to the set one day. It’s a family show, she had a chance to come visit. We showed her around. She had a great time with that. She had a chance to [see] me doing a run-through, and that meant a lot to me, too. She was all for it.

TVLINE | Jesse, You’ve been working a long time — I remember when you were on All My Children — but in one of your clue packages, you mentioned some “almost moments” where you didn’t get something you really wanted. Can you fill us in on what some of those were?
MCCARTNEY | There were a couple. The one that I really remember, it was my first experience with the politics of the film industry. I was originally slated to be in The Last Airbender, which was an M. Night Shyamalan film that had a huge budget and it was going to be my first major motion picture for a big studio. I signed the contract. I got paid, the whole thing. And like three days before, I was packing my bags for Greenland and I got a call that I had been replaced by this up-and-coming movie star, Dev Patel. I just remember being totally heartbroken by that. I was young. I was 21. And I wasn’t quite as resilient as I am now. I was definitely hurt by it, and it had nothing to do with me. That’s what I came to terms with later. It was simply politics and people making moves behind the scenes. It was way above my pay grade. Things like that. There’s several examples of that — that’s just one, I won’t bore you with all of them — but there have been moments like that I’ve had these moments that seemed like they were really big breakthroughs for me in terms of my own goals and they just kind of fell through the cracks. That’s what I was getting at in the clue package.

TVLINE | Bow Wow, I know you were touring with Omarion when the coronavirus shut everything down. What have you been doing to keep busy these days?
The tour was stopped, and to this day — there’s nothing I could do about it — but there was a moment where I was like, “Damn, man, this year was supposed to be one of those years for me.” And it’s going to happen. Fast and the Furious 9 was going to come out in April; it’s pushed back until next year… I just want to let people know: We’re definitely still doing the Millenium tour. It’s going out. It already went out, so we can’t just stop it. [Laughs] We only got six or seven shows, and we have 30-something more to go. Tickets have been bought. These arenas are sold-out. People want to see it. When business gets back up and booming, we’ll be back. I’ve been working on some projects. I’ve been working on an album, and also me and Omarion have been shooting things back and forth to each other via Zoom and emails and trying to finish up on some music. Because we know that our fans really wanted to see us, and if they can’t get a chance to see us this year, we at least want to bless them with some new material. And it could work in our favor. We put out these records and we go full throttle with it, and the fans know that we have to finish this tour. It just makes the tour even bigger. Things could probably change for the better. So we’re just sitting here patient. A lot of eating. [Laughs]

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Megan Fox kisses ‘new man’ Machine Gun Kelly in his new music video days after split from husband Brian Austin Green – The Sun

MEGAN Fox kissed 'new man' Machine Gun Kelly in his steamy new music video after the two fueled romance rumors for the past couple of days.

The music video premiere comes just days after the actress and her ex Brian Austin Green called it quits just days ago.

Megan and MGK – whose real name is Colson Baker – were the stars of his new video, Bloody Valentine, which premiered today.

In the video, Megan's character has taken the rapper captive in her home.

Looking like a dream, she pranced around the home in her underwear and even sang along with him as they jammed out on a rooftop.

The two had a series of intimate moments before sharing a steamy kiss.

The video ends with her killing him in her bathtub by means of electrocution.

The 30-year-old rapper had teased his brand new song on social media on Tuesday.

In the short clip, he was being held down by a pedicured foot that pressed against his cheek seductively.

However, fans weren't expecting it to be the 34-year-old Transformers actress.

Just yesterday, news broke that Megan and Machine Gun Kelly had "definitely hooked up" as their relationship took a turn for the romantic.

Sources close to the star alleged that the pair "began spending more and more time together because of their work schedules and filming together."

The insider added: "They started off as friends and their relationship grew from there."

"Megan thinks MGK is a really cool guy and their relationship turned more romantic."

The pair are filming a movie together called Midnight in the Switchgrass.

Brian had previously talked about the romance rumors between Megan and MGK and said: "She met this guy, Colson, on set… I’ve never met him… Megan and I have talked about him.

"I trust her judgment, she’s always had really good judgment.

"I don’t want people to think her or he are villains or that I was a victim in any way."

Brian and Megan had both been spotted without their wedding rings in recent weeks, with The Sun exclusively revealing that Megan was quarantined in Calabasas and Brian living in Malibu.

The actor, however, was pictured with it back on during a shopping trip in Malibu over the weekend.

There has been much speculation that the on-off Hollywood couple has been quarantining separately, and may have even split after they were pictured seemingly swapping their kids at a Los Angeles parking lot last month.

Brian, 46, and Megan, 33, have three young children, Noah, seven, Bodhi, six, and Journey, three.

The 90210 actor then confirmed on his podcast that they had split after ten years.

He added: "It sucks when life changes and something that you’re used to, that you’ve been doing for 15 years, you try and not get rid of but you change.

"There’s the unknown aspect… there’s that pit in my stomach.“

He continued: "I really don’t want Megan and I to be at odds… she’s been my best friend for 15 years and I don’t want to lose that.”

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How 'Labor of Love' Producers Found Kristy Katzmann Her Perfect Man/Sperm Donor

Anne Walls, Spike Van Briesen and Laurie Girion tell TheWrap about creating a reality dating series that “raises the stakes”

There are two nights left to count until the 2019-2020 television season is in the books and, as usual, some shows had a better year than others. This time around, broadcast’s lowest-rated entertainment series among adults 18-49, which is the demographic beloved by advertisers, was the Melissa McCarthy-hosted kids’ talent show “Little Big Shots,” with several series tying for second-to-last place. Click through TheWrap’s gallery to see this season’s 22 lowest-rated broadcast TV shows rank by their “most current” Nielsen ratings, which include a week’s worth of delayed viewing where available. For the purposes of this story, we elected not to count shows on The CW and newsmagazines like “20/20,” “48 Hours” and “Dateline,” which would have gobbled up several slots. The list goes highest-rated to lowest-rated — and yes, there are ties. You can find TheWrap’s rankings of this season’s highest-rated shows here.


  • Rank: 17 (tie)     Show: “Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector”      Net: NBC      18-49 Rating: 0.8

    The hunt for viewers on a Friday night is not an easy one.


  • Rank: 17 (tie)     Show: “God Friended Me”      Net: CBS      18-49 Rating: 0.8

    CBS unfriended drama after two seasons.


  • Rank: 17 (tie)    Show: “Undercover Boss”      Net: CBS      18-49 Rating: 0.8

    Unscripted series will remain undercover with these ratings.


  • Rank: 17 (tie)     Show: “mixed-ish”      Net: ABC      18-49 Rating: 0.8

    Nielsen results are a little worse than mixed-ish.


  • Rank: 17 (tie)     Show: “Bob’s Burgers”      Net: Fox      18-49 Rating: 0.8

    Well done, but the numbers are hard to digest.


  • Rank: 17 (tie)     Show: “Outmatched”      Net: Fox      18-49 Rating: 0.8

    It’s right there in the title.


  • Rank: 11 (tie)     Show: “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist”      Net: NBC      18-49 Rating: 0.7

    Everything short of extraordinary.


  • Rank: 11 (tie)     Show: “Madam Secretary”      Net: CBS      18-49 Rating: 0.7

    File “Secretary” away, this season was preplanned to be its last.


  • Rank: 11 (tie)     Show: “Tommy”      Net: CBS      18-49 Rating: 0.7

    It was no “Sopranos” or “Nurse Jackie.”

  • Rank: 11 (tie)    Show: “The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart”      Net: ABC      18-49 Rating: 0.7

    Heartbreaking installment of the highly successful “Bachelor” franchise.


  • Rank: 11 (tie)     Show: “Great American Baking Show”      Net: ABC      18-49 Rating: 0.7

    Maybe just “American Baking Show.”


  • Rank: 11 (tie)     Show: “Almost Family”      Net: Fox       18-49 Rating: 0.7

    With a logline like this — A woman who grew up as an only child discovers that her dad fathered many other children as a sperm donor — what could go wrong?


  • Rank: 5 (tie)     Show: “Perfect Harmony”      Net: NBC       18-49 Rating: 0.6

    The puns just write themselves.


  • Rank: 5 (tie)     Show: “The Wall”      Net: NBC       18-49  Rating: 0.6

    Plug and play doesn’t mean it plays well.


  • Rank: 5 (tie)     Show: “The Baker and the Beauty”      Net: ABC       18-49 Rating: 0.6

    ABC series whips up some poor ratings.


  • Rank: 5 (tie)     Show: “Fresh Off the Boat”      Net: ABC       18-49 Rating: 0.6

    And you think Constance Wu didn’t want a Season 6…


  • Rank: 5 (tie)     Show: “Kids Say the Darndest Things”      Net: ABC       18-49 Rating: 0.6



  • Rank: 5 (tie)     Show: “Flirty Dancing”      Net: Fox       18-49 Rating: 0.6

    Not every silly Fox premise ends up being “The Masked Singer.”


  • Rank: 2 (tie)     Show: “Indebted”      Net: NBC       18-49 Rating: 0.5

    We have no jokes on this show, other than to say there were no good jokes on this show.


  • Rank: 2 (tie)     Show: “Sunnyside”      Net: NBC       18-49 Rating: 0.5

    There is no bright side.


  • Rank: 2 (tie)     Show: “Duncanville”      Net: Fox       18-49 Rating: 0.5

    “Duncanville” was renewed, if you can believe it. Only in 2020.


  • Rank: 1     Show: “Little Big Shots”      Net: NBC       18-49 Rating: 0.4

    “Blindspot,” “Celebrity Watch Party” and “Council of Dads” would be here too if it weren’t for timing.


  • Somehow these aren’t ALL canceled

    There are two nights left to count until the 2019-2020 television season is in the books and, as usual, some shows had a better year than others. This time around, broadcast’s lowest-rated entertainment series among adults 18-49, which is the demographic beloved by advertisers, was the Melissa McCarthy-hosted kids’ talent show “Little Big Shots,” with several series tying for second-to-last place. Click through TheWrap’s gallery to see this season’s 22 lowest-rated broadcast TV shows rank by their “most current” Nielsen ratings, which include a week’s worth of delayed viewing where available. For the purposes of this story, we elected not to count shows on The CW and newsmagazines like “20/20,” “48 Hours” and “Dateline,” which would have gobbled up several slots. The list goes highest-rated to lowest-rated — and yes, there are ties. You can find TheWrap’s rankings of this season’s highest-rated shows here.

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    MSNBC's Joe Scarborough: Trump Is Acting Like He Doesn't Want to Be Re-Elected (Video)

    The “Morning Joe” host says president’s hydroxychloroquine recommendation endangers lives

    MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough says that President Trump is acting “like he doesn’t want to be re-elected” as the coronavirus pandemic continues. The “Morning Joe” host said Trump’s latest recommendation about taking the unproven drug hydroxychloroquine endangers lives and will cost him votes come November.

    “I’ve got to say, this is a man who — from the very beginning of his administration — has acted like he doesn’t want to be re-elected and I’m dead serious about that. He does things every day that only cause more problems for himself,” Scarborough said on-air Tuesday.

    Scarborough suggested that by telling vulnerable people to take the drug — which has not been proven to prevent or treat the coronavirus and, in some studies, has been associated with death in at-risk populations — Trump is deliberately trying to distract the electorate and squash his chances at a second term.

    “When the President of the United States actually says he’s doing something — which, let me assure you, he is not doing. Let me assure you: The President of the United States is not taking hydroxychloroquine,” Scarborough argued, saying Trump’s statement doesn’t jive with past behavior he’s personally witnessed.

    Scarborough said that he’s known Trump a long time and during the one meal they shared, Trump wiped and sanitized his hands “compulsively.”

    “He’s not taking something that his own administration has said will kill you, that his own FDA said will kill you, that the VA said will kill you,” insisted Scarborough, a former GOP congressman. He went on to point out doctors and Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, too, have warned against taking the drug for purposes not related to the treatment of lupus or malaria. (Trump lashed out at Cavuto Monday night for his warning.)

    All the Hollywood Films Arriving on Demand Early Because of the Coronavirus

    • Since most U.S. movie theaters have shuttered in response to the coronavirus pandemic, studios are rushing out VOD home releases of movies that were only just in theaters.

      Disney/Warner Bros./Universal

    • “Trolls World Tour” 

      The sequel to the 2017 animated hit announced it would be available for digital download on April 10 — the same day it was supposed to land in theaters. Now it’s a VOD exclusive.

      Universal Pictures

    • “Birds of Prey” 

      The Margot Robbie spinoff of 2017’s “Suicide Squad” debuted on demand on March 24. The film grossed $84 million since opening on Feb. 4.

      Warner Bros.

    • “The Hunt”  

      The Universal/Blumhouse horror film was first delayed from release last fall due to controversy over its violent content — and then sidelined after its March 13 opening by the coronavirus. It’s available to stream now.

      Universal Pictures

    • “The Invisible Man” 

      The Universal horror film starring Elisabeth Moss grossed nearly $65 million since its Feb. 26 release in theaters. It’s available to stream now.

      Universal Pictures

    • “Emma.” 

      Focus Features’ adaptation of the Jane Austen novel opened in limited release Feb. 21 — and picked up $10 million in ticket sales until the pandemic shut down theaters. It’s available to stream now.

      Focus Features

    • “Bloodshot” 

      The Vin Diesel comic-book movie opened March 6 and grossed $10 million before theaters shut down. It’s available on VOD now.

      Sony Pictures

    • “I Still Believe” 

      Lionsgate’s biopic starring K.J. Apa as Christian music star Jeremy Camp hit VOD on March 27 — just two weeks after it opened in theaters.


    • “The Way Back” 

      Warner Bros. released the Ben Affleck drama “The Way Back” — which grossed $13 million in theaters since its March 6 opening — on VOD less than three weeks later, on March 24.

      Warner Bros.

    • “Onward”

      Disney and Pixar’s animated feature was made available for purchase on Friday, March 20, and the film hit Disney+ on April 3. 


    • “Sonic the Hedgehog”

      Paramount Pictures’ “Sonic the Hedgehog” set a new record for video game adaptations with a $58 million domestic opening weekend on Feb. 14 and has grossed $306 million worldwide theatrically. It’s available on demand now.

      Paramount Pictures

    • “The Call of the Wild”

      20th Century Studios’ feel-good film starring Harrison Ford and a giant CGI dog is available on demand now.

      20th Century

    • “Downhill”

      Barely escaping an avalanche during a family ski vacation, a married couple (Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Will Ferrell) is thrown into disarray as they are forced to reevaluate their lives and how they feel about each other. It’s available on demand now.

      Fox Searchlight

    • “Never Rarely Sometimes Always”

      “Never Rarely Sometimes Always” is the story of two teenage cousins from rural Pennsylvania who journey to New York City to seek an abortion. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and walked away with a Special Jury award. It’s available for VOD on April 3.

      Focus Features

    • “Endings, Beginnings”

      “Endings, Beginnings,” a romantic drama from Drake Doremus starring Shailene Woodley, Sebastian Stan and Jamie Dornan, will open early on digital on April 17 and on demand on May 1. It was meant to open theatrically on May 1.

      Samuel Goldwyn Films

    • “To the Stars”

      “To the Stars,” a period drama set in 1960s Oklahoma that stars Kara Hayward, Liana Liberato, Jordana Spiro, Shea Whigham, Malin Akerman and  Tony Hale, was bumped up to a digital release on April 24 and an on demand release on June 1. Martha Stephens directed the film that premiered at Sundance in 2019 and was meant to be released theatrically by Samuel Goldwyn Films.

      Samuel Goldwyn Films

    • “Impractical Jokers: The Movie”

      truTV’s first-ever feature-length film is arrived early on digital on April 1. Follow James “Murr” Murray, Brian “Q” Quinn, Joe Gatto, and Sal Vulvano, aka The Tenderloins, playing themselves in a fictional story of a humiliating high school mishap from the early ’90s.


    • “Artemis Fowl”

      Disney’s adaptation of the Eoin Colfer fantasy novel “Artemis Fowl” was meant to debut in theaters on May 29 but will now premiere exclusively on Disney+. The film is directed by Kenneth Branagh and stars Colin Farrell and Judi Dench.


    • “The Infiltrators”

      The theatrical release of Oscilloscope’s docu-thriller “The Infiltrators” has been postponed, and the film will be released on both Cable On Demand and Digital Platforms starting June 2.


    • “Working Man”

      The March 27 theatrical release of “Working Man” has been canceled due to the theater closures, and the film will now premiere on May 5 via Video On Demand.

      Brainstorm Media

    • “Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors Story”

      “Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors Story,” a sports documentary executive produced by NBA star Steph Curry, will be made available for streaming on the new service Altavod between April 16-18 for $7.99 and is available for pre-order beginning April 9. 10% of all the proceeds will be donated to COVID-19 relief efforts. The documentary tells the story of the player, Kenny Sailors, who pioneered the jump shot, and it features interviews with Curry, Kevin Durant, Dirk Nowitzki, Clark Kellogg, Bobby Knight and more.

      Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

    • “Scoob!” 

      Warner Bros. announced on April 11 that it will release the family animated film “Scoob!” for digital ownership and premium video on-demand on May 15, making it the second film (after Universal’s “Trolls World Tour”) to cancel a planned theatrical release and head straight to home release pandemic.

      Warner Bros.

    • “The King of Staten Island”

      “The King of Staten Island,” the comedy starring and co-written by “SNL” star Pete Davidson and directed by Judd Apatow, will skip its theatrical release date of June 19 and open one week early on VOD everywhere on June 12.

      Universal Pictures

    • “The High Note”

      “The High Note,” the latest film from “Late Night” director Nisha Ganatra that stars Tracee Ellis Ross and Dakota Johnson, will now make its premiere on VOD on May 29. It was meant to open on May 8 theatrically.

      Focus Features

    “The High Note” joins a list of big films heading to digital home entertainment platforms early

    Since most U.S. movie theaters have shuttered in response to the coronavirus pandemic, studios are rushing out VOD home releases of movies that were only just in theaters.

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    Last Man Standing Scores Season 9 Renewal at Fox

    Fox is keeping the lights on at Outdoor Man, renewing Last Man Standing for a ninth season, TVLine has learned.

    In addition to the Tim Allen comedy, the network has picked up a fourth season of medical drama The Resident. Both are expected to return sometime in 2021, following the release of a pandemic-proof fall schedule that mostly consists of sports franchises, reality series, animated tentpoles and postponed scripted fare.

    The Resident and Last Man Standing are such important parts of Fox, and we’re so pleased they will be returning next season,” Fox entertainment president Michael Thorn said in a statement. “We want to thank all of the writers, actors, directors, producers and talented crews for both of these shows, and, of course, our friends and producing partners at 20th Century Fox Television.”

    Tuesday’s renewals narrow the field of Fox scripted bubble shows down to two: Prodigal Son and Outmatched. (For an updated list of remaining bubble shows, click here.)

    Coming up just one episode short due to the pandemic, Last Man Standing this season averaged a 0.74 demo rating and 4.3 million total viewers (in Live+Same Day numbers), down 32 and 26 percent from Season 7 (which aired on Fridays). But out of the 15 scripted series that Fox aired this TV season, it ranked No. 6 in the demo and third in total audience (where it easily outdrew any of the network’s Sunday-night animated comedies).

    When Last Man first premiered on ABC in 2011, the show centered on Allen’s Mike Baxter, a happily married father of three daughters who found himself the odd man out in a home dominated by women. As of Season 8, Mike and his wife Vanessa (The Kominsky Method‘s Nancy Travis) are technically empty-nesters — though they do continue to house foreign-exchange student Jen (Dr. Ken‘s Krista Marie Yu).

    2020 Broadcast-TV Renewal Scorecard

    Launch Gallery

    Rounding out the supporting cast are Amanda Fuller (Orange Is the New Black) as Kristin, Molly McCook (Good Trouble) as Mandy, Christoph Sanders (Ghost Whisperer) as Kyle, Jordan Masterson (Greek) as Ryan, Jonathan Adams (Bones) as Chuck, Hector Elizondo (Chicago Hope) as Ed, and recurring guest star Kaitlyn Dever (Unbelievable) as Eve.

    TVLine’s Broadcast Renewal Scorecard has been updated to reflect the LMS pickup. Are you looking forward to Season 9?

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    Julian Gant Joins ‘Call Me Kat’ Fox Comedy Series Starring Mayim Bialik

    EXCLUSIVE: Julian Gant (Superior Donuts) is set as a series regular opposite Mayim Bialik in Call Me Kat (fka Carla), the network’s multi-camera straight-to-series comedy, from The Big Bang Theory alums Bialik and Jim Parsons and Warner Bros. TV. Gant also joins Leslie Jordan, Swoosie Kurtz, Kyla Pratt and Cheyenne Jackson in the project based on Miranda Hart’s BBC series Miranda. Additionally, Saturday Night Live alum Beth McCarthy-Miller has been tapped to direct and executive produce.

    Your Complete Guide to Pilots and Straight-to-Series orders

    Written by Darlene Hunt, Call Me Kat centers around Kat (Bialik), a 39-year-old woman who struggles every day against society and her mother Sheila (Kurtz) to prove that you can NOT have everything you want — and still be happy. Which is why she spent her life savings to open a Cat Café in Louisville, KY.

    Gant will play Carter, who manages a piano bar, The Middle C, in a trendy area of Louisville. Recently divorced, he’s navigating life as a single dad, while complaining every step of the way.

    Hunt executive produces with Bialik, Parsons and Todd Spiewak for That’s Wonderful Productions, Angie Stephenson for BBC Studios, Hart and McCarthy-Miller. Eric Norsoph produces for That’s Wonderful along with Mackenzie Gabriel-Vaught for Sad Clown Productions. That’s Wonderful, Sad Clown and BBC Studios co-produce in association with Warner Bros. TV and Fox Entertainment.

    Gant’s recent credits include CBS’ Superior Donuts and a recurring role on NBC’s Good Girls. He’s also a Main Company member at The Groundlings Theater. He’s repped by The Gersh Agency and Brillstein Entertainment Partners.

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    Ratings: 'Prodigal Son' Season Finale Is Good Enough for Fox to Hang Onto Monday Win

    But really it was “9-1-1” that delivered the “W”

    As the number of people sickened by COVID-19 continues to rise, there is certainly no shortage of kind acts from people helping others get through the pandemic. And that includes celebrities and Hollywood artists social distancing like the rest of us. These famous do-gooders are reaching into their own pockets to make life under quarantine just a little bit easier.

    Getty Images

  • Oprah Winfrey announced on social media that she is donating $10 million to relief efforts, with $1 million of that specifically helping people who are struggling to buy food during the pandemic.

    Getty Images

  • Rihanna’s charitable organization Clara Lionel Foundation made a commitment of $5 million that will go to U.S. food banks as well as to helping advance testing in at-risk communities both in the U.S. and in Haiti and Malawi. The foundation — along with Twitter’s Jack Dorsey — also partnered with the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles and committed $2.1 million toward shelter, meals and counseling for victims of domestic violence. The fund, combined with Dorsey’s contribution, totals $4.2 million.

    Getty Images

  • 10-time Grammy-winner Taylor Swift has been quietly contacting people on social media who have said they’ve been struggling to pay bills during the pandemic. Those users then shared screenshots of Swift making donations to them of several thousand dollars each.

    Getty Images

  • TV host Kelly Ripa and husand Mark Consuelos donated $1 million to both the New York governor’s office, for the purchase of ventilators, and WIN, a New York-based organization that provides shelters to homeless women and children.

    Getty Images

  • Writer Roxane Gay has tweeted several times during the pandemic asking for those struggling to pay bills during the pandemic to share their mobile payment handle to receive personal donations from her.

    Getty Images

  • Ryan Reynolds and wife Blake Lively announced on social media that they donated $1 million to Feeding America and Food Banks Canada.

    Getty Images

  • Pop star Ariana Grande said in her Instagram Stories that she had made donations to several organizations, including Opportunity Fund, GiveDirectly, Feeding America, Croce Rossa Italiana and the World Health Organization.

    Getty Images

  • A physician in Los Angeles, Dr. Thais Aliabad, wrote on Instagram that Kylie Jenner, one of her patients, had “donated $1,000,000 to help us buy hundreds of thousands of masks, face shields, and other protective gear.”

    Getty Images

  • NFL player Drew Brees told TMZ that he’s donating $5 million to the state of Louisiana to help with the coronavirus relief efforts.

    Getty Images

  • Oscar-winning actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie donated $1 million to No Kid Hungry to help provide meals for children in low-income families, the organization said in a statement.

    Getty Images

  • Country music legend Dolly Parton said on Instagram that she donated $1 million to Vanderbilt’s research for a COVID-19 cure.

    Getty Images

  • Jay-Z’s Shawn Carter Foundation matched Rihanna’s donation of $1 million to relief efforts.

    Getty Images

  • Bruno Mars, who has a residency in Las Vegas, donated $1 million to the MGM Resorts Foundation to help MGM employees in the city who lost work due to the pandemic, his representative said, according to E News.

    Getty Images

  • The players, coaches and owners of the Golden State Warriors announced they are donating $1 million to help employees at the Chase Center who lost work because of canceled NBC games.

    Getty Images

  • Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg partnered with a Silicon Valley food bank to put $5.5 million toward creating the COVID-19 Emergency Fund for Feeding Families.

    Getty Images

  • Twitter CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey said on his platform that he is donating $1 billion in shares of his other company Square Inc. to help fund relief efforts. Dorsey said it is about 28% of his wealth. After “we disarm the pandemic,” Dorsey said, the money will also help fund girls’ health and education, as well as universal basic income.   

    Along with Rihanna’s charitable foundation, committed $2.1 million toward shelter, meals and counseling for victims of domestic violence for a total $4.2 million grant.

    Getty Images

  • Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said on Instagram that he is giving $100 million to Feeding America, an organization with more than 200 food banks across the country.

    Getty Images

  • Beyonce’s BeyGOOD foundation also partnered with Jack Dorsey, teaming up with his #startsmall initiative to donate $6 million to local community organizations so they can provide necessities like food, cleaning supplies, protective gear, medicines and more.


  • There is certainly no shortage of kind acts from people helping others get through the coronavirus pandemic, and that includes celebrities and Hollywood artists social distancing like the rest of us

    As the number of people sickened by COVID-19 continues to rise, there is certainly no shortage of kind acts from people helping others get through the pandemic. And that includes celebrities and Hollywood artists social distancing like the rest of us. These famous do-gooders are reaching into their own pockets to make life under quarantine just a little bit easier.

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    The Masked Singer: New Clues About Night Angel, Astronaut and More

    And then there were six.

    Only a half dozen competitors remain on The Masked Singer, and  this coming Wednesday’s “Battle of the Sixes” (Fox, 8/7c) is shaping up to be quite the showdown. We predict yelling, crying and cursing… oh wait, that’s just because Masterchef‘s Gordon Ramsay is going to join the judges’ panel as a guest. Our bad.

    The previous episode ended with the ejection of Banana, who turned out to be Poison frontman/Celebrity Apprentice Season 3 winner Bret Michaels. (Read a full recap here, and see what Michaels had to say about the show’s eerie timing here.)

    Now, before Episode 13 comes along on Wednesday, it’s time to turn our collective attention to the remaining contestants. Your ultimate goal: Guess who’s beneath those costumes before they’re sent home from the show.

    All season long, we’ve updated the gallery at right (click here for direct access) with all the information we could glean from the current week’s show, and we’ve been adding our (and some of your) thoughts about who’s beneath the costumes. But time is running out! So go ahead and click through, then make sure to log your thoughts, theories and evolving guesses in the comments section!

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