Inside Blake Shelton's Ranch Where He Is Quarantining With Gwen Stefani and Her Boys

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are spending the quarantine at his ranch in Oklahoma. The couple has been hunkering down at his 1300-acre estate near Tishomingo with her three boys, Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo. With season 18 of The Voice now complete, here’s a look inside Shelton’s ranch where Stefani and her sons are calling home.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani share updates on social media

Shelton and Stefani spend most of their time in Los Angeles, but they usually fly out to Oklahoma for the holidays and whenever they want to get out of the city. With the coronavirus pandemic shutting the entire country down, the couple has been staying at the ranch for a few months now.

In April, they shared a video performance of their hit song,“Nobody But You,” as part of the special, Academy of Country Music OurCountry. Shelton and Stefani performed outside in a barn with a bonfire attheir back.

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Stefani has also shared quite a few photos during the lockdown, including shots of her boys hanging out with Shelton. In one of her latest posts, the pop star posted an image of her and Shelton petting some new piglets they had acquired for the ranch.

The No Doubt alum shares her sons with her former husband, Gavin Rossdale. It is unclear if they have spent a lot of time with Rossdale during the quarantine, but they definitely seem to be having fun at Shelton’s ranch.

Inside Shelton’s sprawling ranch

According to CountryFan Cast, Shelton owns two large estates in Oklahoma. The first ishis 1300-acre ranch named Ten Point Ranch. The property, situated near thesmall town of Tishomingo, boasts several ponds and large wooded areas.

It also has a ranch home that features four bedrooms, a horse barn, and an implement building. Shelton and Stefani have reportedly been splitting their time between the ranch and Blake Shelton’s other home in Oklahoma, which is located on the banks of Lake Texoma.

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The Lake Texoma house is over an hour away from the ranch and features two main homes. The couple clearly enjoys their time at the lake house, which also features a recording studio. In fact, many of Stefani’s posts on social media are from the Lake Texoma home.

Shelton put his ranch on the market in 2017 for $4.7 million.Although he likes spending time on the property, the move was a clear sign thatShelton favors the house on Lake Texoma.

The country crooner also has a condo in Nashville while Stefaniis still looking to sell her mansion in LA that she bought with Rossdale in2006.

Blake Shelton wins season 18 of ‘The Voice’

With most of the country under lockdown, The Voice was forced to crown a champion for season 18 with its first remote showdown. With the finalists attending the finale via video call, host Carson Daly revealed that Todd Tilghman won this year’s competition.

There were some technical issues with Shelton’s mic, but hecelebrated the big win with a kiss from Stefani. The victory is the seventhtime a member of Shelton’s team has won The Voice, making him the mostwinningest coach in the history of the series.

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Before Tilghman was crowned the champ, several of music’s biggest names performed for the show from the comfort of their respective homes. This includes an adorable duet by Shelton and Stefani, who sand their song, “Nobody But You,” in tribute to front line workers at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.

As fans will recall, Tilghmanwas the first person in this year’s auditions. He sang Bob Seger’s hit track,“We’ve Got Tonight,” and his performance got all four of the coachesto turn their chairs.

Blake Shelton will return for season 19 of The Voice, which should premiere sometime this fall.

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Inside the Matchroom mansion, Eddie Hearn’s former home converted into an office with a gym, pool and helipad – The Sun

THE Matchroom HQ in Essex is where boxing promoter Eddie Hearn makes all his key decisions.

Originally bought by his dad Barry around 30 years ago, it's was the family's former house before it became the home of boxing, snooker and darts.

Then, it cost Hearn Sr a meagre £200,000 – and was an upgrade from the Dagenham council house he grew up in.

The property boasts a gym and swimming pool, which Hearn's staff and pool of fighters can use.

While in the lush expansive garden, you'll find a helipad and occasionally a boxer working out with pads or going for a run.

Join SunSport for a tour inside.


Matchroom HQ isn't just a place where Hearn meets his fighters, conducts media days and draws out his plans for boxing domination.

It's also a place that boasts a leisure complex, in which fighters can exercise with their trainers.

"The key to a healthy mind is a healthy body," Hearn told The Daily Mail.

"We've got a pool and a gym upstairs, where the fighters come in for meetings, can have some sessions with their trainers and do some strength work in the pool.

"This pool has been used by a number of great fighters over the years – Chris Eubank, Jim McDonnell, and Darren Barker.

"It's great to have this facility here, not only for our staff and our employers and our team, but also for our team of fighters."


Surrounding the stately property are some stunning grounds.

It's where Anthony Joshua and Co. love to go for a run, and even some outdoor pad work.

"There's some great runs in the forest," Hearn revealed.

"Many fighters have been seen through the years doing many a circuit.

"In the summertime, actually, a lot of them come out here and do their pad work, circuits and strength work.

"It's a great feel and great to have the fighters here, when they are around."


Eddie's dad Barry has come a long way since his own childhood.

He came from a Dagenham council estate, but made good as a promoter for the likes of Chris Eubank, Nigel Benn and Lennox Lewis.

Although Eddie is effectively in charge of the business these days, Barry still has the better office.

"This was the house my dad bought about 30 years ago," he told TalkSport.

"He was from a council house in Dagenham, did well, and this was his first major purchase.

"I grew up here, so we feel great here and it's been very good to us.

"He paid two hundred grand for it at the time. Looks like a good investment now, but more than the money this has been a very lucky place for us.

"We're big believers in that and luck."


Like Dana White has done with the UFC, Eddie is planning on creating his own 'Fight Island' to stage boxing matches.

However, his plans are more personal. Hearn wants to turn the mansion's garden into a fighting arena from July – recently unveiling his bold plans to broadcast shows on Sky and DAZN.

“Our project restart is about staging live boxing from the garden there with a canopy, Hearn revealed.

"You’ve heard of Madison Square Garden and this is the new garden.

“We talked about doing boxing in studios and there’s a lot of people doing it. I just feel like when you are talking about a gladiatorial sport, like boxing, you need to create that moment, that energy, not just for the viewer at home but the fighter as well.

“We’ve got big plans. It looks fantastic. There’s still a long way to go. I think it’s 90 per cent for us. Anything could happen at any time.


And Hearn has really thought it through.

“There’s a hotel at the bottom of the road that we will take over. On the Wednesday, before the Saturday, everybody will turn up. Fighters, Sky team, corners, our team will all be tested at a facility," he continued.

“You don’t enter the hotel specifically, you enter a side building and you get tested and then you get your key, go into your room and don’t leave until you get the results.

“Once you get a negative results, you are allowed into Matchroom Fight Camps. We create a sterile environment. No one is allowed to interact with anyone from outside fight camp during that period.

“The problem with this virus is people are still learning. We are having a dozen calls a day with doctors and testing facilities. It’s such a mountain to climb.

“We are going to be having around 90 people on site and everyone will be tested before they go into the facility.”

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Inside Arsenal chief Stan Kroenke’s £500m Texas mega-ranch which is bigger than New York and Los Angeles combined – The Sun

ARSENAL owner Stan Kroenke is worth an incredible £8.15BILLION and has a property portfolio to match.

The American sports tycoon and his Walmart heiress wife purchased the United States' largest ranch in 2016 and it's so big you could fit the entire cities of New York and Los Angeles inside its borders.

At a whopping 535,000 acres, the W.T Waggoner Ranch in Texas was bought by Kroenke and his wife Ann Walton for a cool £500million.

The ranch includes thousands of cattle, hundreds of horses and oil wells, and 30,000 acres of farmland.

The 72-year-old billionaire's company Kroenke Sports and Entertainment owns Arsenal and a raft of other teams in the US.

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Inside the abandoned mansions left to rot after sickening murder at ‘house of witches’ and riots at mental asylum – The Sun

HOMES that once boasted of luxury but have now crumbled into decay, hold an air of mystery for most of us.

Earlier this week, pictures emerged of an abandoned house in London with a Bentley still parked on the drive, which used to belong to a Greek property tycoon who vanished with his family.

Empty since 2016, the house was recently discovered by a photographer, who found toiletries still littering the bathroom and dirty dishes stacked in the kitchen, suggesting the occupants left in a hurry.

While the mystery of why the family fled is still unknown, many homes found in similar conditions have been abandoned for tragic and sinister reasons.

An eerie stone castle in Scotland which used to be a mental institution stands is one, while a stunning mansion in Los Angeles hides the blood-soaked past of a doctor who attempted to murder his whole family.

Here we reveal the shocking stories behind the multi-million pound houses that no-one wants to live in.

Los Feliz 'Murder Mansion'

Dr Harold Perelson was a successful physician, with a wife and three children, when he moved into a Spanish style mansion in the sought-after Los Feliz neighbourhood in Los Angeles.

But on the night of December 6, 1959, at 4.30am, Perelson bludgeoned his sleeping wife Lillian, 42, to death with a hammer before attempting to murder his three kids.

After killing Linda, he walked calmly into his 18-year-old daughter Judye's room and attempted to smash her skull.

Unlike her mother, Judye screamed after the first blow, loud enough to wake her younger brother and sister Debbie and Joel.

Perelson told Debbie to go back to sleep, saying she was having a nightmare, but in the chaos Judye managed to escape and alert the neighbours, who called the police.

Police found the two younger children waiting, unharmed, in the lobby and Perelson lying dead beside his blood-soaked wife, having overdosed.

Two years after the murder-suicide, the house was sold to a couple named Julian and Emily Enriquez, who never moved in.

Their son Rudy inherited the property, in 1984, but told the LA Times in 2009:  “I don’t know that I want to live there or even stay here,” adding that he used it for "storage".

Those who were brave enough to peak inside the house – estimated to be worth £1.9m – report a household stuck in the 1950s, complete with the original TV and Christmas presents brightly wrapped and left untouched ever since.

The house was recently cleared before being put on the market.

Scotland's abandoned asylum

Lennox Castle in Scotland was built in 1812 for John Kincaid Lennox but in the 1930s, it was converted into an asylum for the mentally ill.

Reports of squalid conditions and cruel treatment of patients began to leak out as the institution, built for 120, became grossly overcrowded and conditions were described as “wretched and dehumanising”.

In 1956, a fight between patients turned into a full-blown riot causing staff and inmates to flee.

Eight men barricaded themselves in, setting fire to the building and pelting firemen, who came to tackle the blaze, with a volley of missiles.

By the 1980s Dr Alasdair Sim, the hospital’s Medical Director at the time, said he had never worked in a “worse pit”, adding that he was “sick to the stomach about the plight of these poor people”

Former patients have told of being hit with baseball bats and forced to run round the castle barefoot as punishment for not calling staff "sir".

Those who attempted to run away were drugged, locked up in isolation for up to six weeks and refused visitors.

The hospital was vacated by the 1980s and officially closed in 2002. There are now plans to convert the building into flats.

Tragedy of millionaire designer’s £3m castle

When David Abercrombie, founder of Abercrombie and Fitch, built a castle in New York state, he and wife Lucy Cate named it Elda Castle – after their four children Elizabeth, Lucy, David, and Abbott.

But the family home, which sits in 49 acres of land and boasted 25 rooms, including servants' quarters, would become blighted with tragedy.

A year after its completion in 1928, the couple's daughter, Lucy, died in a chemical explosion at her father's nearby factory.

In 1931, at the age of 64, David Sr. died of rheumatic fever and six years later, David Jr. was killed in an accident.

After her husband died, Lucy Cate went to live with oldest daughter, Elizabeth, in New Jersey, until her own death in 1955.

Elda sat empty for years and was attacked by vandals who poured paint on the marble floors and set fire to parts of the building.

It was eventually sold, last year, for £2.9m.

Italian countess murdered at summer house

Known as the "House of Witches" the imposing Villa de Vecchi, near Lake Como in Italy, dates back to 1854-1857.

Built as a summer house for Count Felix De Vecchi and his family, the stunning villa boasted priceless wall frescoes and 13,000 acres of land.

But five years after it was completed, in 1862, the Count came home to discover his wife had been brutally murdered and his daughter was missing.

He spent a year searching for his daughter before, in despair, he took his own life.

His brother lived in the house until the First World War but it was then left empty.

An attempt to sell in the 1960s failed, partly due to its reputation as Italy's most haunted house.

In 2002, an avalanche destroyed all the houses in the area but the villa remained standing.

The Minxiong Ghost House

The Liu family mansion, in Taiwan, had been abandoned since the 1950s when the wealthy family fled abruptly.

Local legend has it that the family's maid was having a secret affair with her employer, Liu Rong-yu.

When rumours about spread, and Liu's wife found out about the romance, the maid was consumed by shame and jumped down a well.

Some claim the family fled after the ghost of the girl came back, every night, to haunt them.

A few years later, the property was occupied by members of the Chinese political party, Kuomintang  (KMT), who fled to Taiwan to escape persecution.

Many were said to have taken their own lives at the property, adding to its spooky reputation.

£3m Cheshire mansion blighted by bloodshed

Oakleigh, a five bedroom mansion in the most affluent part of Cheshire, was a spacious Victorian home set in two acres.

But the former home of lawyer Christopher Lumsden sat vacant for over a decade after he killed his wife in the master bedroom.

Lumsden stabbed 53-year-old wife Alison over 30 times in the face and neck, in 2006, after she told him she was leaving him for a family friend.

After pleading guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility, he served just two and a half years in jail.

The house was bought by a property developer in 2007 but buyers were put off by its grim past.

It is believed the house has now been renamed and put up for sale, at £3m.

Cults and murder on Billionaire's Row

The most notorious empty mansions are those in what's known as London's 'Billionaire's Row', mainly owned by foreign investors who leave them empty as the price soars.

But Bishops Avenue – where the average house price is £7.5m – has seen its fair share of drama, with a murder, squatter and a paedophile cult in its history.

In the 1970s Kingsdene, one of the mansions on the Hampstead street, was a commune for the Children of God, who later became the Family International.

Squatting there after a property developer supporter went bust, they allegedly ran a rental TV scam from the property, but other activities within the cult were far more sinister.

Last year we told how founder David Berg put 12-year-old girls on a "sex schedule", making them sleep with different men every night, and sent teenagers on "flirty fishing" expeditions to recruit new members.

Boys, including late star River Pheonix, were reportedly abused from the age of four.

In 1984, in nearby Heath Lodge, 40-year-old Greek fashion mogul Aristos Constantinou was shot with six silver bullets in the family chapel.

Wife Elena claimed the couple had been ambushed by raiders after returning from a New Year's Eve party and that she escaped out of a bathroom window.

Constantinou paid £400,000 for the property shortly before his death and now it's estimated to be worth £6.7m.

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Inside Katie Piper’s home with amazing kitchen, huge bed and all white interior – The Sun

KATIE Piper has the most gorgeous home to relax and put her feet up in during lockdown.

Over the last five weeks the TV personality, 36, has been isolating with hubby Richard James Sutton and their two daughters Belle Elizabeth, six, and two-year-old Penelope Diane in their lavish London pad.

In one of her rooms Katie kept the original brick walls but added a slab of white paint to them to match her fireplace.

Her other living space has a pink table that is covered with flowers, special pictures and magazines – making it the perfect backdrop for one of her Instagram posts.

Moving upstairs, Katie’s bedroom has a huge king sized bed with a cream textured headboard that is big enough to fit all four of them to snooze in together.

Since a horrific acid attack on her in 2008, the charity campaigner has needed so many operations and relied on their services.

Katie said: “I have been supported by so many people in the NHS and in lots of different ways.

“I also gave birth on the NHS and had amazing midwifery teams. My mum has been going through cancer and is having treatment.

“You get to meet all these NHS workers at different stages, some at really joyful moments, some at really difficult moments, but there’s always that consistency.

“They always stay supportive, professional and strong. It’s kind of superhuman to be strong for someone like that at all different times.

“The NHS is what makes our country special and is a reason for us to be really proud, because no matter how big or small the problem, they are always there.”

Considering the outbreak of Covid-19, Katie believes that it is now our time to be there for them and has set up a burns survivors’ support line.

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to the manor dawn

'Dad and lad'

baby walker

pretty in pink


It is being run through her charity, The Katie Piper Foundation, which operates a rehabilitation centre in St Helens, Merseyside, that has had to close temporarily because of the lockdown.

“Anyone who has had treatment will know that it is such a big team of people involved.

“It’s down to the people washing your bed sheets, the porters, right up to the consultants.

“The porter is as important as the consultant, because if one wasn’t there then the chain would break. It just wouldn’t work.”


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Inside Martin Lewis’s incredible home as he films show from his office with help from wife Lara Lewington – The Sun

MARTIN Lewis has showed off his incredible house for the first time as he films the Money Saving Expert show from home.

The TV money expert has given his home office a makeover as he records his show from home during coronavirus lockdown.

Upstairs in the house now features a black velvet chair with a sliver sequin cushion where his wife Lara Lewington can present her BBC technology show Click with a full camera set up.

There is a neon sign in the background that says Click – and a swanky side table and lamp for a cosy feel.

Meanwhile, downstairs in Martin's office he has a neon sign behind his desk that reads "MLMS".

He sits on a leather office chair in front of a bookcase stuffed full of awards for TV appearances on shows including This Morning.

He's also got a red leather chair and a glass podium to give him some variety for filming backgrounds.

Martin previously revealed that he was feeling "anxious" about going into work even though he is considered a key worker and is able to do so.

"About to leave home for the first time in a week, to walk to the studio for my show," he tweeted earlier this month.

"Genuinely feel anxious, been lucky to be able to stay home, in our safe bubble. Puts me in awe of NHS and other key workers out daily for the greater good."

He also revealed that his wife Lara Lewington  made him have a shower every time he came home to stay safe.

"As soon as I got in Mrs MSE asked me to take all my clothes off. Thought it must've been a really good show," he joked joked.

"Then she explained she wanted to me put everything in the wash as I'd been outside the house, and I should go shower."

So he decided to set up a home office – giving up the privacy he has always tried to maintain at home.

"For years we've deliberately NEVER – done at home shoots – filmed at home – put our daughters pic online," he tweeted.

He added: "Ie we keep our private space private. Covid's forced change."

His wife Lara is a technology journalist who has been filming shows for the BBC from home.

So she helped him get set up to film last night's show from his new home office studio and office.At the end of the show he brought Lara on screen and gave her a hug to thank her for setting him up.


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Inside Victoria Beckham’s 46th birthday as David posts cute ‘I love you’ tribute and they enjoy family bike ride – The Sun

VICTORIA Beckham might be celebrating her 46th birthday in lockdown but she's still spending the day in style.

The mum-of-four has been treated to sweet messages from her famous friends, been on a bike ride with the family and is planning a virtual disco tonight.

Her husband David, 44, lead birthday tributes with a sweet message from himself and the kids.
"Happy birthday mama we love you so much and hope you have the most amazing day @brooklynbeckham @romeobeckham @cruzbeckham #HarperSeven," he wrote on Instagram.

Alongside the message he shared a range of pictures of his wife from her Spice Girls day to a more recent shot.

Meanwhile, her son Romeo posted a birthday tribute that read: "Happy birthday mum love u so much have an amazing day."

Victoria took to Instagram to reveal that her birthday was feeling "stranger" than other years during the coronavirus lockdown.

Happy birthday my gorgeous friend @victoriabeckhamwe love you so much. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

A post shared byemmaleebunton (@emmaleebunton) on

"Family bike ride on my birthday x," she posted as she posed on her bike in a green tracksuit.

Victoria has also been treated to a tribute from her old friend Emma Bunton.

Sharing a picture from their Spice Girls heyday she wrote: "Happy birthday my gorgeous friend @victoriabeckham
we love you so much."


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