Fox News meteorologist blames New York governor Andrew Cuomo for coronavirus deaths of parents-in-law in nursing home – The Sun

A FOX News senior meteorologist who lost parents-in-law to the coronavirus has blamed New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for their deaths. 

Janice Dean spoke out after seeing Cuomo on CNN joking about his brother, Chris, needing a large cotton swab for a Covid-19 test because of his big nose.

It comes as Governor Cuomo has been on the defensive after a state directive requiring nursing homes to admit coronavirus patients is being blamed for thousands of deaths.

More than 4,300 New York patients who were confirmed or suspected to have coronavirus were discharged from hospitals straight to nursing homes. 

Dean, who appeared on Tucker Carlson’s prime time show, blasted the governor because both of her in-laws died at a nursing home in New York State.

She said that her mother and father-in-law, Michael and Dolores Newman, both died of the virus after they were exposed to the virus in nursing homes.

Her father-in-law, Michael, an Air Force veteran and former New York City firefighter, was placed in a nursing home after it became apparent he was suffering from dementia.

The fact that I am seeing, last night, him … making fun, inappropriate jokes and insensitive jokes, cruel jokes… it is not something to joke about

Dean said that she and her husband were notified a week before Michael’s death that the nursing home was moving him to another floor.

She said: "I believe that floor was used for recovering COVID patients.

"I can’t prove that. We can’t get any confirmation on any of this."

She said she was speaking out after watching a CNN interview in which anchor Chris Cuomo —  the governor's younger brother — failed to address the growing controversy and instead performed prop comedy with giant cotton swabs.

During Wednesday’s episode of Cuomo Prime Time the New York governor recounted how he was tested for coronavirus on live TV during his daily press briefing on Sunday.

This led his brother to joke he had a big nose and required a baseball bat-sized nasal swab for a test.

Dean said: "The fact that I am seeing, last night, him … making fun, inappropriate jokes and insensitive jokes, cruel jokes … make no mistake.

"I am glad that Chris Cuomo has recovered from Covid because he apparently did have it. 

"And I'm glad that their family is well, but my family is not well. And that is not something to joke about."

A state directive on March 25 said nursing homes could not refuse patients who had been discharged from hospitals with coronavirus 

The justification was that officials feared the hospital system would be overwhelmed and was focused on creating as much hospital space as possible.

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